Why You Need a Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator

Article : Why You Need a Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator

Why Use Thermoelectric Wine Coolers
There are billions of wine enthusiasts across the globe these days, ranging in enthusiasm from amateur to veteran, who store wine in their homes on a daily basis. They store their wine in a refrigerator, in a wine cooler, in an individual wine bottle chiller, in a wine cellar or even in a thermoelectric cooler. Thermoelectric wine coolers are becoming more and more popular amongst wine collectors worldwide because of their ability to hold large amounts of wine, keep the wine crisp, and keep it from getting too cold or too warm when being stored in the appliance.

Thermoelectric coolers work using fans that push warm air, which is conducted out of the appliance so that cold air that is conducted can cool the wine bottles inside the appliance. Keeping wine in a normal refrigerator can damage the wine because the generator in a fridge causes the appliance to vibrate. Vibrations can damage a wine bottle, and the sediment inside, which causes the sediment to move all around in the bottle. When the sediment in the wine bottle moves around, the flavors of the wine will be destroyed in the end.

Thermoelectric wine coolers do not have a compressor in them, which means they do not make much noise at all, but they do have fans installed in them. The fans in the wine cooler are used to flush out the heat generated by the cooler and then circulate the cold air inside the cooler. Many wine collectors believe that wine coolers operated by a compressor keep the wine cooler but if you operate a thermoelectric wine cooler properly then you will see that these items work just as sufficiently. When using a thermoelectric wine cooler, make sure it is not placed in a room with an ambient temperature above 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, it could cause the unit to fail at keeping the inside temperature level. To keep wine from spoiling, keep at a temperature between 55 and 65 degrees to allow for perfect aging.

Thermoelectric wine coolers do not vibrate, which keep wine safe from the sediment settling too early, which can ruin the taste of the wine. These coolers are best kept inside your home, not on a deck or in a basement, so that the temperatures do not affect the cooler. As mentioned earlier, the room should not be warmer than 77 degrees Fahrenheit, however it should not be kept at less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, when using a thermoelectric wine cooler, it is highly important to maintain control of indoor air temperatures. This can be done by keeping the heat on during the winter months and air conditioning on during the summer months. This will ensure that the wine bottles in the cooler are kept safe from the extreme cold and extreme heat of the winter and summer seasons, leaving the taste of the wines excellent.

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