Why Use Beddings Made From Linen Fabric?

Article : Why Use Beddings Made From Linen Fabric?

Why Pure Linen?

Linen is a Gift from Nature! The popularity of linen has been steadily increasing. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Why is this?

A Healthy Alternative- Unlike cotton, linen production is ecologically sound. Recent press about heavy use of harmful chemical fertilizers by cotton grower has significantly decreased the use of cotton as a household and commercial fabric. Linen grows abundantly in a pesticide-free environment and enabling it to be processed into a number of organic by-products, notably as flax seed oil.

A Fabric for All Seasons- Linen is breathable and has excellent insulating properties, making it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, linen is hypoallergenic, making it an invaluable fabric for people who suffer from allergies. The super soft feel of linen can even help those suffering from insomnia, bringing on the comforting sleep we all need to recharge our batteries.

Amazing Absorbency- Despite its lightweight feel, linen is highly absorbent. In fact, towels made of linen absorb three times as much water as those made of cotton-and they dry much faster.

Durability to Stand the Test of Time-One of linen’s most distinctive characteristics is its extreme durability: bedding and tablecloths made of linen last four times as long as those made of cotton. Moreover, linen gets softer and softer with use, and will not yellow with age.

Easy to Care for- Contrary to popular belief, linen is easy to maintain. Good quality linens are machine washable and do not require any special treatment. In fact, ordinary shampoo makes an excellent detergent to care for your lovely linen products.

Many people ascribe a divine origin to linen… In mythology, Hilda, Goddess of the Earth, taught men the art of cultivating and weaving linen. The Egyptians attributed the invention of linen to Isis, Greek goddess; the Greeks to Minerva and the Lydians to Arachne.

There are numerous references to linen in the Bible. Hebrews considered linen a symbol of purity and excellence. In the New Testament, it is said that the shroud of Jesus Christ was made of linen.

Saint Cecile of Rome, Christian symbol of innocence and faith, wore linen clothing.


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