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Which Tutu Design Came First?

The tutu is a gorgeous form of dancewear that has been in existence for hundreds of years with the only difference being the length of the tutu skirt and the colors. The tutu has come a long way since the early designs of eras long-gone but they have managed to retain their allure. The tutu has been touted as a brilliant invention but before the tutu can pass for a work of fashionable art, there are several stages it has got to sail through.

For starters, it has got to be beautiful because this not only causes the ballerina to stand out all the more but it makes the entire show more entertaining and special. Secondly the garment must be a perfect fit because this will add to the seamless nature of the presentation and make the ballerina more comfortable so she will perform at her best. Thirdly the tutu should be durable as it needs to last many performances. When attending a ballet show, the one thing that stands out with regards to the tutu is how form fitting they are but even more essential is the range of movement the garment affords the ballerina. This is yet another quality of the clothing that should be present in good quality tutus. From top to bottom, it should give the ballet dancer the freedom of motion they need in order to put on a show like no other.

The classical tutu is the tutu design we think of as being the typical ballet tutu although it was the Romantic tutu which was the earliest of the tutu designs. This original version was long enough to cover the entire body all the way to the shins and gave the dancer just enough leg exposure for the audience to enjoy the moves. With this tutu and the others that followed there are 2 main types that can be easily identified by where the bottom half of the tutus begin. The first one starts at the waist level while the other one starts off slightly lower at the hip level.

When it comes to the classical tutus, there is the powder-puff variety that has a much shorter skirt and is made of net and tulle unlike the romantic selection that is made purely of tulle. The bell tutu is the third type that is available on the market and as the name suggests it is shaped like a bell. This is one of the shorter tutus used by ballerinas and can be made from soft tulle or net.

Regardless of the design and fabric of the tutu the three main components that are a must have are the bodice, the Basque and the skirt itself. These can be altered with regards to color and design with the end result being a unique, one of a kind tutu that the dancer and the audience are sure to enjoy.

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