What Is a Steam Press?

Article : What Is a Steam Press?

What is a Hamburger Patty Press?

Have you heard about the hamburger patty press? It is an amazing breakthrough in the field of healthy eating. Okay, let us start from the beginning. Most of us love to eat burgers, bacon, sausages, beef, and steak. But we forget to take the quality of the meat into account.

You might ask, “The meat is cooked well so how is the quality affected?” Meat might contain a lot of bacteria and water soluble contaminants in it even if it is cooked carefully. Cattle are usually given injections and hormones before they are killed. This is done to increase the quantity of meat. But, this procedure has a negative effect on the quality. Quality also depends on the eating habits of the cattle..

Sometimes old meat is dyed to deceive customers so that they think it is fresh. Even if you preserve meat for too long in a freezer, it contains a lot of rancid fat. Meat that contains rancid fat release carcinogens when they are grilled. Carcinogens can be very harmful for your health. Even pesticides and herbicides seep into the meat by various ways

If you are fond of eating bacon, sausages, bologna, and beef, low fat is the way to go. The burger patty press is the perfect solution to all your problems. It will not only drain more than 50% of the fat present in the meat, but will also remove all the water soluble contaminants and grease from it. This device is becoming increasingly popular as it can be operated very easily.

The fat from the meat is drained out by hot water that has to be poured into the burger press. Hot water should be maintained at a temperature of 170 degree Fahrenheit which is not possible to do using ordinary heating methods. The thermal coating on the inside of the hamburger press mold is designed to keep the temperature constant. The lid of the device has tiny holes so that it can cover a much larger area as compared to a potato masher.

The Internet can be the best source of information about meat press devices. www.theburgerbuddy.com has come up with a unique way to take out the harmful fat and other contaminants safely. They have invented the Burger Buddy Fat Reducer which effectively reduces almost 50% of the fat and retains the delicious taste of the meat. You can also add various types of seasonings and flavors to the water in the press. Try this product and you will surely not be disappointed!

Orson Dixon provides informative content on low fat healthy food and writes articles on healthy hamburger and burger press. He recommends theburgerbuddy.com, to cook healthy and diet food.


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