What Do You Do In Your Bathroom?

Article : What Do You Do In Your Bathroom?

What Do You Want In Your Modern Bathroom?

With more focus on interior design and making sure our homes are just the way we like them it isn’t surprising that many people are using their imagination when they come to designing new bathrooms. Bathrooms are no longer a simply practical room we use for washing and using the toilet in, they are now decorated in colours other than the traditional all white approach, with soothing colours, decorative tiles and many other design features that can make being in your bathroom more relaxing whether it is a nice hot shower or a long soak in the tub.

There are many modern design features in bathrooms and they have become increasingly popular in recent years, features such as waterfall taps where the water doesn’t come out of a faucet as usual, instead it flows along a channel and drops off the end much like a waterfall. These tend to be in the centre of baths and are a great and stylish addition to any bath tub.

For those who enjoy taking showers then there are many features that help make a shower more relaxing such as multiple heads which can have massage settings which could be a welcome relief if you have had a hard day at work or have just got back from the gym. Some showers can take up the entire room and these are known as wet rooms, with a central drain the shower doesn’t have any specific area for the shower which gives you plenty of space and freedom to move when soaking off.

Even sinks and toilets can have innovative features such as pedestal sinks having large bowls above the counter as opposed to being sunk into the pedestal, these bowls can be ceramic or even glass and can give a unique and modern look to your bathroom. With many different taps and fixtures available for you to choose from there are plenty of items you could buy and fit yourself for a quick fix facelift for your bathroom.

For larger jobs you may find that you need to use the services of a professional bathroom designer, this is because sometimes your plans could mean expensive work such as rerouting plumbing and other work such as wet room installations will need the assistance of an expert in order for them not to cause damage in your home.

New bathrooms aren’t the only room in your home that you can get help from a professional designer in as there are new kitchens, bedrooms and adding rooms like conservatories which you can look into.

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