Questions About Your Outdoor Floor Covering

Article : Questions About Your Outdoor Floor Covering

What Do You Know About Your Outdoor Floor Covering?

You may find it helpful to ask yourself these questions about your outdoor floor covering project. They may even help you sort out the appropriate outdoor floor coverings that will work in the outdoor space you wish to cover.


Underneath your Floor Covering


What will you be applying the r floor covering to? Some examples of what one might use floor coverings on include:


• Wooden or plank lumber decks that have become worn and tattered from the weather.

• Eroded and chipped outdoor concrete patios. The concrete patio does not necessarily have to be worn. Some people first put in a concrete slab and then immediately look for an outdoor floor covering to enhance it’s appearance.

• Door entrances and steps that need to be more attractive. As long as you have a flat surface of some kind you can probably find outdoor coverings for it.



Will you be doing the installation of your floor coverings yourself or will you hire a professional to do it? There are many innovative products now that allow homeowners who may not have any prior construction skill, knowledge or tools to handle installation of floor coverings. The floor covering products available can even take the place of what use to require a professional.


Some of these home improvement advances include:

• Interlocking wood and stone tiles. Previously if you wanted to have a wood parquet or stone tile (such as marble, granite, slate and porcelain); a professional (or very experienced and knowledgeable do it yourself homeowner) was necessary. Now there is a product called interlocking floor tile that is a sturdy plastic base covered with wood or stone sheets. The wood floor covering tile is screwed from the bottom (so there are no screws or splinters on top). The stone is glued on to the plastic base. With interlocking outdoor floor coverings there are no tools or skills required. If you have an existing foundation (such as a deck or concrete slab/patio) then all you will need to do is place the tiles over the base and snap them together in the formation you desire. You can install this easy outdoor floor covering in a few hours in some cases.


• Pebble sheet tile. Made of Indonesian pebbles that are hand selected for uniformity, flatness and smoothness; the pebbles are adhered to mesh and generally come in one foot square tiles that have tabbed edges to fit together. They do require a little more effort than the interlocking tiles. You will have to apply mortar to hold the floor covering in place. You will also have to apply grout in the crevices between the pebbles; followed by sanding off any excess. This outdoor floor covering is still fairly simple to install.


• Outdoor carpet. Outdoor carpet has come a long way with technology. It is now available in many colors, styles, and designer textures. Carpet for an outdoor floor covering is actually much more durable and beautiful than it has ever been before. It can be installed over just about any surface with special adhesive glue.



What is your overall budget for your floor coverings? Technology is expensive; therefore some of the new products have a higher price tag. However if they allow you to do the job yourself the savings (of not hiring a professional) can be factored into the cost of the outdoor floor coverings.


These are just a few questions and examples of what is out there in the line of outdoor floor coverings. Hopefully they will help you get on your way to your new outdoor floor covering.


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