Pressure Washers: What You Should Know

Article : Pressure Washers: What You Should Know

What Cold Water Power Washers Can Do for You

When it comes to commercial power washers, most people will choose heated models over cold water pressure washers for additional cleaning power. While heated machines are often more suitable for heavier cleaning applications, such as moving grease and heavy sedimentation, cold water machines can be used for a variety of cleaning applications as well. Cold water pressure washing units certainly have their own benefits, many of which heated models just cannot offer. In fact, a cold water pressure washing unit may be more effective and more economical as well.

A Money Saver

One of the reasons why some people think twice about investing in commercial power washers is the price. While a good pressure washer machine is a sound long-term investment, quality does have its cost. In many cases, it is the heating coils present in heated pressure washers that make the units so expensive. Additional energy required for heating the machine also comes at a cost.

When looking to buy pressure washers for conventional or lightweight cleaning jobs, heat is often not needed. Cold water pressure washers do not have these heating coils and as a result, are a much cheaper option. However, they are still effective in cleaning a host of sediment and debris from different surfaces.

Another thing to consider with cold water commercial power washers is that they are much lighter than heated models. Since they do not contain the heating coils, these units are easier to manage and maneuver. This is an important point to consider if a single user handles the cleaning. These units are available in both fuel-powered models as well as electric models. The fuel-powered models are better suited to outdoor cleaning tasks while the electric models are often used indoors, since they produce less noise and no exhaust. However, electric units can be used outside as well, provided they have access to power supply.

A Cleaning Power Boost

Cold water commercial power washers can get a boost in their cleaning power when used with the right kind of cleaning products. This is why when you buy pressure washers, it is also a good idea to look into buying green cleaning products as well. For instance, an eco friendly multi surface cleaner used along with a cold water pressure washing unit can increase its cleaning power considerably. In fact, using cold water units with the right green cleaning products can help the user tackle many cleaning tasks which usually call for a hot water pressure washer. Light degreasing and even graffiti removal jobs can be done in this manner.

It should be noted that many cold water commercial power washers come are powerful cleaners on their own. For instance, there are models available that have pressure levels of up to 8000 psi and water flow rates of 9 GPM. This formidable combination is powerful enough to deal with many industrial cleaning tasks. However, it is a simple fact that the addition of heat, either hot water up to 210°F or wet steam up to 330°F, offers largely greater cleaning power.

For added convenience, many cold water models also come with multi gun operation, which means that more than one user can work at the same time. This works to cut down cleaning times considerably. It is clear that while heated pressure washing units certainly have their benefits, cold water pressure washing units come with a number of advantages as well. To learn more about all types of power washing machines, consult a reputable supplier today.

Author is associated with Daimer Industries a leading electric pressure washers supplier. Daimer is worldwide exporter of cold water pressure washers, steam cleaners and car pressure washers.

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