Cooking With An Electric Skillet – Showcase Your Cooking Skills

Article : Cooking With An Electric Skillet – Showcase Your Cooking Skills

Utilizing A Skillet While Cooking
A skillet is a flat bottom pan used for frying food items. It is often called as a frying pan or simply a fry pan. It is surrounded by smaller sides (circular; all through) which move outwards. It is an open pan with no lid and has a long handle which has a coating. The lower side which gets heated is flat. Skillets are used for a variety of purposes in terms of cooking but mostly for frying and browning operations during cooking. There are many types of skillets available with alterations in the length of the circular side flaring upwards. Newer skillets come with an angular handle for better usage and handling.

Cast Iron and Copper Skillets

A skillet is popular with chefs all over, more so with chefs preparing meat dishes. Skillets were traditionally made from copper and cast iron, however many different types of metals are now used to make skillets. Copper is popular due to its excellent heat conductivity. But copper skillets need extra care in cleaning and general maintenance due to tarnishing which requires polishing regularly.

Cast iron skillets have a major worry of rusting if washed from time to time. Chefs wipe the cast iron frying pan after every use but there is a chance that previous frying may affect the next frying session in terms of taste.

Other Metals Used for Making Skillets

Aluminum is also used often as it requires very little maintenance and like copper is an excellent conductor of heat. But if you take durability, heat conductivity and maintenance in to the scheme, skillets made from stainless steel are popular.

Teflon Coating Used in Skillets

As skillets are used for frying, there is a constant problem of food material sticking to its surface. To get even with this problem, latest skillets have a non-sticky coating known as Teflon coating. The only problem with this non sticky coating is that it may peel off after a considerable amount of usage.

Zeroing on the type of skillet for usage is a personal question as some people are used to a certain type of metal-made skillet. If we are talking about numbers, Teflon coated skillets are quite popular as well. is your stop for excellent skillets, roasters and best cookware sets . Just log once to get a huge selection of all types of kitchenware.

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