Beautiful Black Bathrooms

Article : Beautiful Black Bathrooms

Tumbled Granite Slabs For The Beautiful And Unique Bathrooms
Granite is formed from Magma, which is a mixture of rocks, solids and volatiles that is found under the innermost layer of earths surface. It is an igneous rock and widely used in memorials, homes and business establishments. It has got a superior shine finishing and is durable. They yield good value for money as it is maintenance free.

The color of granites is generally in dark grey, pink or even black depending on their mineralogy and chemistry. Granites are used as a Construction stone as they are hard, massive and tough. The quarry workers use Jet Piercing method to extract granite from the earth. The manufacturing process for Granite slabs involves the following steps:

It starts with sawing the granite rock into slabs which as thickness of 6 to 12 inches .This is done by using diamond rotary saws attached to blades which is 11 feet in diameter. Water is used as coolant. The saws are operated by computer controls which are programmed to function uninterrupted by setting block size and thickness.
Designs and finishing cuts are done by a computer controlled steel wire which have diamond segments that can cut the granites in any preferred shape.
The next step involves the granite in processing stage to give a glossy finish by speed polishing mills. Operators direct a heavy wheel on the granite slabs which are rough along with water to make surface of the slabs smooth.
In the final step, a heavy buffing wheel is guided on the whole slab to get a mirror finish with full radiance.

These granite slabs need to be sealed to protect its finish so that they last for lifetime. Granites that are cut in rectangles and squares are tumbled to smooth sharp edges. Tumbling is done to have clean, polished, burnish, rust-free and brightened finishing. It is done by using a horizontal barrel filled with parts is rotated on Granite. As the barrel rotates, the granite rises till the time when gravity makes the upper layer to landslide on other side. A lubricant is added to prevent rusting and clean parts.

Tumbled is a method by which you get rounded edges resulting in aged stone. It gives a rustic and worn look that brings uniqueness, beauty of stones and creates elegance in both Interior and exterior. Tumbled granites are ideal option for the people who want to give their area an ancient look. They are generally used in bathrooms to get a grip and striking look as smooth surface would be slippery.

While using tumbled granites you should also take the following precautions:

These surfaces require safety against staining, wearing and tearing. To protect this, a resin type sealer is required. These sealers have to be applied periodically.
You should not use floor cleaners to clean the granite flooring. You should always clean with warm water.
To remove stains, you should always use peroxide covered paper towels. By putting these towels on the stains, the peroxide dissolves them and then need to wash the flooring with warm water.

Imported granite slabs provide great options in colors. Tumbled granite is ideal for use in bathrooms considering its rustic and worn looks.

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