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Article : Garden Living – Rooms Without Walls

Top 10 Impressive Living Rooms in 2010

Living room is the most important part in any house because it is the first room you see while entering your home and it is the place where you welcome guests. This room is also the area where the family often gathers to watch television and do other things in spare time together. Therefore, it becomes essential to make your living room as appealing, impressive,  cozy, relaxing, and comfortable as possible. Nowadays, many people are interested in living rooms which are decorated with natural patterns and owned a cozy feel. Let’s have a look at some photos as follows to discover the design of the best living rooms in 2010.


The sunken floor of the room is covered with a hand-painted lily-pad pattern, making the room in a modern beach villa in Oyster Bay, New York look brighter and fresher.


The living room features mint green high-gloss paint which creates a fresh and cool look. It is also equipped with graphic black-and-white furniture.


According to the designer, the room is not too much blue. It looks hazy and serene with the glamorous blue walls.


The living room of a farmhouse in Hillsdale, New York looks extremely natural and refined. Its wood walls are decorated with white paint and the ceiling beams are decorated with dark paint.


This living room in a house located in the coastal California countryside is a perfect spot to entertain. It is designed with warm colors in order to bring the owner a cozy feel even on a foggy day.


Designer Daniel Sachs mixed many different patterns together in this high-bohemian living room.


The photo is about the rental living room of designer Melissa Warner. The room looks feminine and luxurious with different patterns of an animal print, a floral, a geometric print and so on.


The living room in a farmhouse in California owns a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. The two walls can be folded and the glass-paned doors are used instead of solid walls. Therefore, the owner can enjoy the view outside.


This traditional living room is full of drama from high-backed furniture pieces. Its walls are decorated with green paint copying the garden outside the window.


In a Georgia beach house, living room is painted with an azure blue and equipped with white furniture. Looking bright and brilliant, the room is really an ideal place to relax.



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