Ingredients of Winning Kitchen Design

Article : Ingredients of Winning Kitchen Design

The Ingredients Of Nail Polishes

Nail polish or nail varnish is lacquer which is applied to nails, it can be worn by anyone but women tend to wear it more than men. As part of the beautification process, nail polishes make a statement. Based on the color, a nail polish can tell people the sort of person you are when you walk into a room.

According to historians, nail varnish which is the other name for nail polish was invented by the Chinese about 5000 years ago. At the time they used egg whites, gelatin and other colorful materials to paint their nails. This was taken up by the Egyptians who mainly use dreddish-brown stains from hennas to decorate their nails.

Modern nail varnish as we know it was invented after 1920, it is usually made from nitrocellulose and other ingredients like it, mixed wit solvents like butylacetate and ethylacetate before a coloring agent is added.At the time the color options were limited but today there are nail varnishes in every color imaginable.

Manufactures of nail varnish were heavily criticized a few years back for using toxic ingredients such as dibutylphthalate in the making of the varnishes. The argument was that there is a link between dibutylphthalate and testicular and other forms of cancers in humans and lab rats. The pressure saw dibutylphthalate and ingredients like it removed from nail varnishes.

With the current financial climate, nothing is cheap, least of all nail varnish so it is advisable to look after any nail varnish bought properly so you can use it for years to come. If looked after properly, nail varnish can last up to two years; some actually last longer than that.

Always shake the vanish before use and apply two thin strokes when painting your nails; this will make the varnish last longer as it is not being over used. Remember to let the first coat dry before adding a second coat when painting your nails.

There are many cosmetic companies who produce nail varnish so the market is overflowing with them. This can sometimes make it hard for people to pick which nail polish to buy. Making a nail polish choice boils down to your nails and the condition they are in.

first there are three different finishes nail varnish comes in. There a pearl, matte and glittery finish, the matte finish comes with a flat color and shine, the pearl finish gives a metallic look and the glittery finish almost give a wet look.

Apart from the finish, there are different types of nail varnishes, for weak and brittle nails there is nail strengthening varnishes which will help stop the nails from breaking. For those who work a lot with their hands, they can opt for a long lasting nail varnish.

For people who do not have the time to wait for their nails to dry, there is the option of quick drying polishes or combine all of the above qualities and go for a all in one nail polish to protect your nail against all eventualities.

The main thing to remember when buying any of the many nail polishes on the market is that deciding what your nails need is the most important thing. Once decided, it is plausible that you will find it in whatever color you want.

Learn loads more about the history of nail lacque also commonly referred to as nail varnish now in our comprehensive fab nail color guide.

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