Is A Telescopic Ladder Right For Me?

Article : Is A Telescopic Ladder Right For Me?

Telescoping Ladder

Tired of the big and bulky ladders? Can’t seem to reach and clean all the dirty spots if it’s more than 10 feet? Ever wish your regular ladder is lighter and easier to lift and move around? If you answered yes, then a telescoping ladder is for you.

A telescoping ladder is just like any other regular ladders but with a twist. The features are endless.

1. All-around ladder. It is very ideal for any type of work, whether it is indoor or outdoor. Inside the house, it’s ideal to use for hard-to-reach areas due to its height. It is perfect for outdoor works as well. It can be used for simple things like household chores but can be used for something as complex as a remodeling construction.

2. Firmly built. Telescoping ladders are as sturdy as regular ladders. They can usually hold up to 300 pounds in weight. Although not advisable, one such ladder can hold up to two persons at a time. It is built to last and stay as sturdy as when it’s first bought.

3. Adjustable. One of the great features of a tele-scoping ladder is its capability to be folded and set into different positions according to need. All of the possible sets are available on the manual that comes with the product. It can also easily be adjusted according to height.

4. Portable. Unlike other regular ladders, telescoping ladders are less bulky. The best feature of these types of ladders is that it can be folded when not in used. This feature will enable anyone to easily store the telescoping ladders and not use up all the space in the storage area. It’s also very easy to transport especially when the work requires a lot of moving around.

5. Safe. The telescoping ladders are safe to use as it is sturdy and well-built. To make the ladder more rigid, it needs to be in a rough surface to hold the weight. Usual safety precautions when using a regular ladder should be followed as well.


Telescoping ladders features all equal to convenience. Three of the most significant things we always look for on our products can be found one the telescoping ladder: it saves you money, it saves you time, and it saves you space.

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