Add a Timeless Expression of Remembrance to Your Garden

Article : Add a Timeless Expression of Remembrance to Your Garden

Tattoos – In Remembrance of Cancer Success Stories

Scanning any beach in America, an observant onlooker will find tattoos of everything from ornate skulls to names written in flowery script to full color depictions of cartoon characters. Tattoos are one of the most personal and permanent means of self-expression, and they’re becoming more and more common.

These tattoos are sometimes frivolous but are also often very serious. Talk to anyone about their tattoos, and as often as not you’ll find that there is a special significance to what they have in ink. One example of this is the plethora of tattoos commemorating friends or loved ones whom a person has lost.

In recent years, a lot of attention has come to those in particular who struggle with and lose their lives to cancer. So it’s no surprise that among people’s tattoos of names and anniversaries of lost loved ones, you’ll also find words like livestrong and anniversaries that cancer has taken lives of those we want to commemorate.

But, amidst these markings of grief, why not also get tattoos signifying the support shown to those fighting cancer? Tattooing the date a person is determined to be cancer free is a new way to broadcast the success stories and encourage those who are courageously fighting for their health and for their lives. This can be the date a loved one is declared cancer free or the date a person him- or herself is cancer free. It’s a new kind of scar. Overcoming cancer is something to be proud of and not to hide.

With so many things that may cause cancer, a small act such as getting a tattoo is something defiant. It’s about overcoming obstacles. And it’s becoming a trend. In some cases, you can even get a tattoo in conjunction with supporting certain types of cancer funding.

These celebratory tattoos can take on a variety of appearances; it is, after all, still about self-expression. Some will tattoo the date they’re cancer free. Others the date they are diagnosed. Some will tattoo just a word, maybe in English, maybe in a second language. Maybe on their ankle or wrist. Maybe over an incision.

One hesitation some may have about getting a tattoo is whether or not it is something they will want to have as a part of them permanently. This is further reason to get a cancer-related tattoo. Joining the fight against something so malevolent and so prevalent isn’t something anyone is likely to regret. Overcoming cancer or supporting a loved one in their fight against it is something that makes a permanent mark on a person’s character– it’s part of who they are where they’ve been. That’s something that isn’t going to change, no matter how many years go by; so a tattoo commemorating that significance is something that only makes sense to be permanent.

Maybe you wear the yellow bracelet. Maybe you wear the scars. Go one step further– think about joining those who wear the ink. You never know whom you may encourage and how, through something as simple as a tattooed word.

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