Re Bath Your Bathroom and Make It Shine!

Article : Re Bath Your Bathroom and Make It Shine!

Shower Baths – Why They’re a Must-Have For Your Bathroom

In the 1970s and 1980s, to some extent, the concept of ‘shower baths’ was still in its embryonic form. Shower baths were more like a small, manual shower (often a trickle), which was only used by people who had washed their hair in the bath and the ‘shower’ could almost scald people if someone else turned on a tap elsewhere in the house. Not a pleasant experience.

But those times have changed and for a whole lot of reasons, you should seriously consider a shower bath, instead of opting for a separate shower and bath. There is a large range of shower baths, from ones that are space saving, suitable for compact bathrooms to shower baths that really are at the top of the range. If you are still undecided about whether or not a shower bath is right for you, then just consider the following:

Compelling Reasons to Choose a Shower Bath

Shower baths are now a sophisticated bathroom ‘must-have’. They are a fabulous way to save space in your bathroom. No matter how big it is, a bathroom will look much, much bigger if you install a shower bath instead of a shower and separate bath.

The shower bath shower is now independently run from its own water supply, so no more risk of getting scalded.

Showers and baths were often separated because the reasoning was that one person could luxuriate in the bath, whilst someone else was in the shower. This is a complete fallacy. What woman wants to lie in an exotic bubble bath, perhaps sipping a glass of chilled champagne, reading a magazine and switching off from work, kids or both, whilst her husband is in the shower and you guessed it, he will shout for something that he can’t find? No when a woman gets into a bath she wants to shut out the world at least for half an hour!  Sorry guys, but its true!

Shower baths offer a fabulous way for the males in the household to quickly scrub up and the women to luxuriate in the luxury to which they would like to become accustomed. So if you are thinking of ditching a bath and just having a walk in shower think about this very carefully and perhaps shower baths are the perfect way to combine both needs in one compact space.

And remember that one day you may well want to sell your house. If you do then you may find potential buyers love your house but the potential lady of the manor does not like the fact that the house doesn’t have a shower bath: house sales have fallen through for less, so shower baths can be an investment.

But at the end of the day the sheer magic of shower baths is that it satisfies the men (quick scrub up) and the women (luxuriating in luxury). For that reason alone it is worth its weight in gold.

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