Metal Curved Stair Rails – Benefits

Article : Metal Curved Stair Rails – Benefits

Shower Baths and Curved Towel Rails

Basically a shower bath combines the features of both a bath and a shower so beautifully in the bargain saving precious space in the bathroom. When you compare a shower to the shower-bath the difference is that in a shower you have a curtain or a shower screen that is hung along the outer edge of the tub so that the water form the shower does not splash and wet the other areas of the bathroom, while in a shower bath the shower screen is part and parcel of the bathroom design. Another point is that showers alone do not look as stylish and chic as shower-baths, lacking the cozy ambiance that you get form baths. Nothing is more relaxing that having a long soak in a warm soap filled, therapeutic effects of a shower bath.

When redoing your bathroom it would be a great idea if you have limited space, to install a shower-bath. They are more contemporary in design and stand alone shower baths help to efficiently save on space while at the same time enjoying of luxury of both a shower and a bath.

Today these baths are one of the most popular and commonly sold bathroom fixtures in many countries as a result of which many companies that manufacture bathroom fixtures are vying with each other for market presence for their unique and innovative shower baths.

Another good addition to your bathroom would be towel rails that add a touch of sophistication to it. Some of the newer varieties of towel rails are so sleek that any bathroom looks good with it. The heated towel rails help to dry and warm your towels and they are especially useful in the winter season. Hanging your clothes on a heated towel rack will ensure that when you get out of your bath to wear your clothes they will be nice, warm and cozy. Heated towel rails are available in a variety of designs, models and shades. The curved rails are said to be the newest in design. The curved racks are also available in different sizes that fit your bathrooms and are an added attraction to it giving your special room a classic appearance.

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This tall, curved Ladder Style Heated Towel Rail, with a high quality chrome finish, produces a heat output of 553 Watts (1,886 BTUs) , enough to keep your towels warm and heat a small bathroom or clo...
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