Amazing Uses of Ironing Boards And Their Features

Article : Amazing Uses of Ironing Boards And Their Features

Rowenta Ironing Board – It’s All About Stability!

Rowenta is known for it’s innovative technology and design of steam irons and garment steamers. But did you know they have also added ironing boards to complete their line of garment care products?

I am sure for most of us, it is hard to think about what kind of features an ironing board could have. But, like everything else, they come in all shapes, sizes and many different features.

My favorite is the Rowenta Ironing Board. I have been using mine for almost three years now and absolutely love it. There are 3 major features that you should know about.

Feature #1 – Stability!

The Rowenta Ironing Board is the most stable board I have ever used. What makes it stable is the design of the legs. The legs and feet are made of heavy duty coated tubular steel and and are shaped like a T. The feet are wide and have an arch shape with non-slip grips on the ends. I have never had a problem with my iron board being wobbly or walking away from me while I was ironing.

Feature #2 – Extra Large Ironing Surface!

The Rowenta Ironing Board ironing surface measures 18″ x 49″, which is quite a bit larger than your standard iron board. Having a larger ironing surface allows you to iron a garment in less time because you do not have to move your garment around as much. It also allows you to iron larger items, such as curtains, bedding, or table clothes with much more ease and stability. In addition, the adjustable height is up to 39″. which allows you to iron at a more comfortable height. You don’t have to bend over the ironing board, which can really aggravate the back.

Feature #3 – The Iron Rest!

I had never used an iron rest before I bought my Rowenta Ironing Board and I will never iron without one again. It did take me a while to get used to using it, old habits are sometimes hard to break. But once I did get use to it, it eliminated the strain on my wrist. Instead of picking the iron up from a flat position and setting it upright every time you move your garment, you only have to lift the iron at a slight angle and set it down on the heat-resistant silicon surface. Less wrist motion, less wrist aches.

The other feature that is great is how much safer it is having an iron rest. With your iron set on the iron rest, there is less chance of it being knocked over onto the floor. Also, you eliminate the problem of burning yourself when the iron is sitting upright on the ironing board.

Through experience, I have learned to value these features. Having a Rowenta Ironing Board that is super stable, has a larger ironing surface, plus the safety feature of the iron rest, makes my ironing less of a chore, and more enjoyable.

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