Knowing Your Shower Curtain Color Wheel

Article : Knowing Your Shower Curtain Color Wheel

Retro Shower Curtain – Color Or Black & White?

When it comes to a retro shower curtain, there are 2 types you can show off in your bathroom.

The first kind is the traditional black and white design. They can be very simple or complex in design and display all manner of shapes. A popular design is the classic bubble retro shower curtain. This type of retro shower curtain is very elegant. If you were to focus on this type alone, you would never run out of different designs to display in your bathroom. They’re a personal favorite as they’re very pleasing to the eye and I’ve often had people ask about them when visiting my home.

If circles are not your thing, there are other shapes you can consider such as a square design. The great thing about shapes is they always look good in black and white no matter what shape you prefer. Other designs in black and white you might consider are flowers, a creeping vine or a landscape scene such as a garden. Keeping with just black and white allows for you to display a certain personal style.

If something a bit flashier is your thing, there are many designs available in a multitude of colors. Blues always work well in the bathroom especially with aquatic designs. Bubble shower curtains (yes i love them !) work great with a variety of blues. If you want something really attention grabbing you cannot go past a psychedelic retro shower curtain. It will light up the room like no other piece of decor you can get. These are great for spring time when nature is starting to flourish again or if you have a personality with many facets.

Your children will love the colorful ones no doubt as there are many cartoon shower curtains available. There are a lot of retro cartoon characters such as Superman, Batman, Transformers & Betty Boop that make for a great retro shower curtain. Some parents have found this can turn bath time into an enjoyable experience for a child who isn’t too fussy on getting into the shower and because shower curtains can be easily swapped, you can always surprise them with new retro shower curtain!

Whether you go with the timeless black and white classic or a more colorful approach, a retro shower curtain will add a special touch to your bathroom.

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