Can a Water Softener Preserve Your Appliances?

Article : Can a Water Softener Preserve Your Appliances?

Prevent Future Plumbing Problems with a Water Softener

Hard water is beneficial to people and plants, but it’s very hard on your plumbing. The minerals in hard water build up inside pipes and appliances such as washing machines and hot-water heaters. Over time the buildup causes residue and scum and results in damage that requires calls to the repair man or plumber. The minerals also stick to hair and skin, causing build ups that you must remove with hair and skincare products. The solution is a whole-house water softener. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a water softener:


There are three regeneration options. Note: regeneration refers to the way the softener replenishes its water supply and cleans itself.

• Manual and Semi-Automatic: There are manual softeners that require the homeowners to do most of the work, or there are semi-automatic ones which allows users to control the recharging cycle with the push of a button.


• Automatic Softeners: Operate on a timer that determines when water is replenished and are the most popular kind. The homeowner must still add salt and set the timer.


• On Demand: These models measure the demand for softened water and replenish it as needed. This kind of water softener usually comes with two softening tanks and a brine tank. Demand units are more expensive but also more efficient.


Research Control Valves: This is the heart of a water softener, measuring the household water usage and replenishing the resin. Make sure the valve is manufactured by a reputable company. Check out replacement costs when deciding which model to purchase because replacing a control valve is often expensive.

Read Reviews: When making your purchase decision, check out reviews online and in specialized publications. Look for brands that are highly rated for durability and ease of installation. Look for warranties; a good softener is guaranteed for at least 10 years.


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