Premier Bath Tub For Mobility Problems

Article : Premier Bath Tub For Mobility Problems

Premier Bath Tub For Mobility Problems

Are you having trouble getting into your traditional bathtub due to arthritis or a disability? If taking a bath has begun to seem like a painful proposition, perhaps it is time to look into Premier walk in bathtubs, which can help you bathe in comfort and style.

A walk in bathtub, like the kind sold by Premier, is specially designed for people who have mobility problems that make it difficult or impossible to step into a regular tub. Once a special door along the side of the bathtub is opened, you can simply walk right into your zero or low entry bathtub! No stepping up or maneuvering is required.

Even better, once you step into your Premier bath tub and close the door, you can bathe just like you always did in your old tub! Premier makes a wide range of bathtubs that can mimic the look of your old tub, or display a style all their own. It’s easy to pick the perfect tub to fit into the existing decor of your home. Other members of your family without mobility problems will also enjoy using the tub or using it as a shower.

If you’re looking for a roomy tub that is eminently functional, look no further than the Dublin, which is the biggest walk in tub in the world at 33 inches wide. There is lots of extra room to get in and out. The bathtub automatically controls the temperature for a comfy soak, and you can also select a hydrotherapy option that eases joint pain and feels great.

On the other hand, if you want a Premier bath tub that has a low profile for a small bathroom, there is no better choice than the Easy Bathe. This small bathtub is still roomy enough for a good soak, but its circular profile makes it fit perfectly into the tightest spaces. You and other members of your household can also use this tub as a traditional shower.

If you are looking for a Premier bath tub in which you can sit while bathing in comfort, the Warwick is an excellent choice. This stylish tub, available in a wide range of designs and color choices, features a molded seat, as well as traditional Premier Bathtub touches such as controlled temperature and hydrotherapy.

As you can see, Premier Bath Tubs may be the answer you’ve been looking for. For more reviews of mobility bathtubs, visit

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