Planter Boxes – A Great Way To Make A Decorative Statement

Article : Planter Boxes – A Great Way To Make A Decorative Statement

Planter Boxes with Touch of Holiday Spirit

Holly in Drum Custom Planters

So far Christmas decoration is the best activity during the holiday season aside from decorating our homes during the Thanksgiving and Halloween festivities. My family and I are always looking forward every year to think of different home interior decorations during Christmas. Well as most of the people enjoy, we also get so ecstatic when we decorate the Christmas tree. It is the finale when we say trimming our home with ornaments to feel the spirit of the holiday season. Good thing this year I have come up with great additions to our home and made use of our outdoor garden decorations.

When I saw my big commercial planters, I got so many plans in mind that I had shared some of them with my friends. But then I left the best idea that I have for my home. As what I have said on my previous article, I had planted a 3-foot Christmas tree on my commercial planter and added silver and red poinsettias and some silver bells to add color on the greenery. Good thing my planter boxes are big enough that it accommodated so many things that I added to make it more stunning and dazzling.

I also have some modern planters and they are a bit smaller than the commercial boxes. I have been thinking of converting the three planters to add them to my illuminated planter boxes. It might cost me a lot but I think the satisfaction that I get will be priceless. I have some friends that made some planter conversions and they got what they had planned. It is really awesome to make some changes every year to participate the yuletide celebration. It may be a bit expensive but we surely are doing what is best for our home.

I would like to recommend some of my ideas to other home and gardening enthusiasts. Who knows you might get some great stuff from my articles and create your own style that fit your personality. Just be sure to have a happy Christmas because that is the main purpose of the event. Have fun!

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