Different Types of Spring Washers and Its Maintenance Tips

Article : Different Types of Spring Washers and Its Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips for Different Types of Pillows

Gone are the days when pillows were rated solely by their functional merit of ensuring a proper support to the head and neck region. Mostly designed in rectangular shapes, pillows were often invisible as they were tucked within the bed sheets in old times. However, pillows are all set to regain their lost glory with the emergence of many interesting trends and styles.

From round pillows to rest pillows and throw pillows there is an exciting range of option these days. The rest pillows are hard and big and are used as a high back pillow to ensure better support to the neck. These can be used while you are lying down watching television or reading your favorite novel. The firm and hard surface ensure adequate support and the arms can also be rested at specific spots on this long pillow. These pillows can support your spine and ensure the right lying posture thereby avoiding the risks of back pain.

Throw pillows on the other hand are decorative pillows that are used mainly on couches. Embellished with thread work or elaborate designs they would notch up the charm of your living area. Pillow cases made of silk or velvet are commonly used for casing these pillows to make it lavish and luxurious. Middle Eastern pillows are also used on either side of the couches. Brightly colored and embellished with rich embroidery, these pillows can lighten up bare spaces and infuse a fresh life to your home.

From embroidery to fabric painting or glass work, pillows can be decorated in many ways; sky indeed is the limit if you have creative ideas to explore. You can shop for readymade pillows online or from life style product shops.

Pillows can have synthetic filling, foam, or natural materials. Pillows containing loose synthetic fillings are more popular as these are durable and hypoallergenic and are easier to clean. Generally synthetic pillows can be washed in a commercial washer using cold water. Dry it in low heat and encase it in pillow cases.

Foam pillows can also be washed and cleaned. Follow the washing instructions carefully to prevent damage. These should be dried naturally by spreading out in an open space; do not use a dryer as it could make it hard and limp.


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