Log Racks – Not Just For Those Who Fear the Elements

Article : Log Racks – Not Just For Those Who Fear the Elements

Log Racks – Not a Luxury, But a Necessity

Regardless of what the weather will bring, you can never start thinking too early about buying next year’s log rack. For instance, you may need to protect your wood investment for one (or more) of the following reasons:

You burn natural logs in your fireplace during the winter, using a natural and cost efficient means to keep your home warm.
You use logs for the barbeque every year, to give your food a deeper flavor.
During those cool fall evenings, there’s nothing more entertaining than singing your favorite songs off-key around a nice warm fire…powered by logs.

Regardless of where you live, regardless of how you live, and regardless of how you use wood to keep you warm or cook your food, it is unavoidable: you may need a log rack to keep your investment protected throughout the year. And how better to do that than with a log rack!

You may be thinking to yourself: “Why do I need a log rack? The wood pile works just fine!” But what you don’t probably don’t know is the fact that your good old wood pile is eroding the quality of your investment. By leaving them in a pile, you are welcoming all kinds of pests, spiders, rodents, and even encouraging the growth of mold and rot. This results in a lesser quality wood, and effectively burning away your hard-earned cash.

As you consider putting down the money to buy a log rack, consider the advantages to your life it will provide. The first (and most obvious) advantage: keeping your logs organized in a nice stack makes it easier for you to evaluate your log purchasing needs. Instead of buying all the wood you can find when it is at a good price that will eventually go bad over time, you’ve got a visual measure as to how much you actually use. This gives you a guide to how much you actually need to purchase – not how much you need to buy.

In addition to being a space saver and great organizational tool, log racks help to keep your wood off the ground, where bugs and pests love to organize. When these vermin find your dry logs sitting in a convienient pile, they will be more than happy to build nests and homes there. The result is wood that is eaten away, or full of pests that you do not want your family exposed to. This also serves as a starting place for rot to grow, as a result of the burrowing and open wounds that the bugs have burrowed for themselves. The end victim is you, who are now stuck with logs that only have half the fuel than normal. A log rack will keep your logs free of bugs, pests, and rot by keeping them off the ground and semi-sheltered from those who want to destroy your hard-earned investment.

Many log racks come with coverings to put over them, or at the very least offer them as an accessory to purchase with the rack itself. Adding a cover for your rack will protect the logs and wood from the moisture rain and humidity brings. By keeping your fire wood covered, you will be proactively preventing the growth of mold. Keeping mold and moss off your logs preserves the flavor and integrity of the wood, retaining its sweet smell and value of barbequing.

While it may seem like a trivial and even frivolous investment, log racks are one of the best investments you can make to your outdoor arsenal. By keeping your logs protected throughout the seasons, you will be ensuring you get the full value and joy out of your firewood throughout the year.

Joe Cortez is a freelance writer with diverse interests including home and garden, outdoor furniture and backyard living, with an interest in log racks As a media professional, his work has been featured on CNN and the CBS Evening News. Joe currently writes for The North Cedar Company.

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