Save Time and Effort With a Ride-On Lawnmower

Article : Save Time and Effort With a Ride-On Lawnmower

Lawnmower – How to Store Your Lawnmower Away For the Winter

Your lawnmower is very important and you should protect your investment, even during those nasty winter months it should be stored in a proper manner so that in the spring it will be ready to go in good running order.

Safety First
Any time you are going to be working with your lawnmower you should put safety first, winterizing your lawnmower is no different. You should always have eye wear, tough shoes, long paints and a pair of good gloves so you can remove and re-install newly sharpened or brand new mower blades.

Cleaning Your Mower
Cleaning your mower is very important every year before you store it away for the winter. Removing that old debris and dead grass from your mower can be done with just a simple garden hose and some soap. Once you have washed your mower push it into the sun and wait for it to dry. You don’t want to put your mower up wet because it may cause your mower to rust.

Change Oil
First, check your oil level if it is good start your lawnmowers engine and let it run for a few minutes so the oil will heat up. This will make the oil easier to drain and stirs up any dirt in the oil pan allowing it to come out in the used oil. Next, go ahead and drain the oil out of your mower and when you’re finished don’t forget to replace your oil plug then replace it with fresh, recommended oil for your mower and you can also replace that old oil filter if your mower requires one.

Drain The Fuel Tank
Before you drain your tank always add a fuel stabilizer to the gas then crank your mower and let it run until your mower runs out of gas. Now, leave it empty until your ready to use it next season.

Visual Check
Finally, check your mower out visually: If you see some rust use a wire brush and remove it and then rub some oil on it. Also check all nuts and bolts and tighten those that are loose, and replace belts if they need it.

Try to store your mower in a dry, moisture free space. Remember putting your lawnmower away properly will extend the life of your mower and keep it mowing for years.

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