Home Security for the Older Generation

Article : Home Security for the Older Generation

Keep Your Older Parents Safe with Better Home Security Protections

As people age, they often start to forget things.  Those things they forget include not only experiences, names and faces, but also basic everyday things they should do.  For example, older Americans frequently forget to lock the doors and windows on their houses, and those unlocked entry points create serious home security threats.  Elderly Americans are already vulnerable because thieves tend to assume that they are weak and will be unable to protect themselves, and as elderly Americans forget to take basic home security measures, they are at an even greater risk for becoming robbery victims.  Fortunately, there are many easy and affordable steps you can take to help keep your older parents safe.


3. The absolute best way to keep your parents safe is to install a home alarm system on their property.  These kinds of systems utilize state-of-the-art technology to help protect properties all over the country.  Each system includes high-quality electronics that can monitor movements on your parents’ property and stay in contact with a private security monitoring station.  Those monitoring stations are well staffed 24 hours a day, so if the home alarm in your parents’ house goes off in the middle of the night, trained professionals can respond quickly in order to aid your parents promptly.  Even if your parents forget to lock the doors on their house, an alarm will help keep them safe in case anyone should break-in.  In addition to keeping your parents safe from thieves, a comprehensive alarm system also includes smoke detectors. Those detectors can help identify smoke and warn your parents early so they have enough time to escape in case any fire should break out.


2. A video surveillance system makes the perfect addition to any alarm system.  With just a few cameras, you can easily monitor the areas on your parents’ property that are vulnerable to being targeted by criminals.  By having a physical recording of everything that happens near the doors and windows of your parents’ house, you’ll have important evidence in case anyone targets your parents’ house.  Whether thieves successfully steal from your parents or not, you’ll be able to take those video surveillance tapes to the police and to private security experts, who will be much better equipped to catch the criminals.


1. Give your parents a large, but calm, dog that can help protect them.  There are many dog breeds that can be well-trained to protect people, but that are still calm enough for elderly Americans to manage.  There are always a large number of cases of guard dogs protecting their owners from the threat of a home invasion, and many loyal dogs will go to great lengths to warn their owners of all kinds of threats, including fires.  With a guard dog, your parents can not only appreciate the added home security they’ll have, but also the new friend and family member that they gain by having a pet.  Your parents’ new pet can help keep them from feeling too lonely, as many elderly Americans do.


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