How to Avoid Buying a Leaky Condo

Article : How to Avoid Buying a Leaky Condo

How To Spot Leaky Roof
Leaking roof can cause great deal of inconvenience. During summer when the weather is dry we hardly examine the roof for leaks and don’t come to know about it until the roof starts dripping. Leaking roofs can cause great damage to the structure as well as to the interior. You may therefore need to take care in finding a leak in your roof and initiate roof replacement process accordingly. This article has discussed the tips to help you spot a leak in the roof.

Before we start, one may however keep in mind that spotting a leak in the roof isn’t an easy task and one may be better off by allowing an expert roofing company to inspect the roof. But even then there are some easy ways of identifying leaks in the roof.

Check for damp: You may begin by carefully inspecting the ceiling for water marks and dripping. Roof leakage is one of the many causes which can cause a damp mark in the ceiling. Try to find signs of cracks in the ceiling.

Soak the roof: If there is no sign of water in the cracks of the roof, or you had an excellent dry summer, you can also use a garden hose or sprinkler to discover a leak in the roof. A roofing company will be able to tell you how to expose leaks more efficiently.

Molds and damp: Look for molds and damp marks near the chimney and skylights. The moisture found near the chimney, vents and skylights can indicate serious leakage in the roof. Roofs are more prone to leakage where the shingles intersect and hence you need to inspect the joints very carefully. A professional roofing company possesses the expertise and techniques to expose leaks in the roof.

Missing shingles: Check your roof for missing shingles, especially, if you are living in an area where storms and high winds are frequent incidents. In fact, depending upon the weather of the area you are living in, roof replacement may become more important for you than others.

Check gutter: You can check the gutter regularly for over deposition of granules of shingles. The roof shingles are subjected to natural wear and tear and rain water washes away the broken parts of the shingles. If you find too much residue from the roof shingles, you may consider giving the roof a thorough search. If the leak is due to damaged shingles, roof replacement may be needed.

Professional inspection: Establishing a leak in the roof can be a daunting task and may demand expert skills. There are roofing services which would do the inspection for you and suggest appropriate repairing method accordingly as well.

The roofs take the most beating than the rest of the house for its exposure to harsh weather and hence roof replacement is often a task requirement that no homeowner can avoid. You can engage professional roofing services for the purpose since they have the necessary expertise to restore damaged roofs.

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