Learn How to Kill a Tree

Article : Learn How to Kill a Tree

How to Kill a Tree

These days it really sounds cruel if one mentions that he wants to kill a tree. With increasing problems caused by global warming, wanting to know how to kill a tree sounds like murder. But sometimes, a tree is killed so that tree fungus and beetles would not harm other trees and the damage caused by these parasites makes a dying tree. Also, a tree severely damaged by storm should also be killed since it can cause road blocks and danger to other living things in the area.

How to Kill a Tree

The simplest and quickest way to kill a tree is to use a chain saw. If a chain saw is available, cut down the tree. Once it lies in the ground, start cutting down the tree into smaller pieces. These could take some hours. If no chain saw is available, weigh if there is a need to buy one at the hardware store or borrow to someone who already has a chain saw.

The smaller sections can be disposed in the garbage or can be burned. Before starting a big fire in the open, contact the local authorities in the area if this is allowed. Another option is to use the small pieces of wood to create fire in the fireplace during cold nights.

Herbicide is another method on how to kill a tree. Compare to cutting down a tree, use of herbicide will take more time but it is more eco-friendly than burning the wood. Herbicides nowadays are safe enough to use when removing a tree. When using herbicides make sure that the instructions on how to use it are strictly followed. In doing this, the other plants within the vegetation area are not harmed during the spray of chemical.

How to Remove the Tree Stump

After the tree is torn down, its stump is left. If included in the budget, one can use the services of a tree removal company. A tree removal company usually has tree stump grinders that are used to grind down the tree. Tree removal companies have their expertise on how to kill a tree. In case, hiring a service for tree stump grinders is an idea, better let the company to cut down the tree too. The cost of its service usually starts at $ 20. The diameter of the stump determines the cost.

If hiring someone else’s service is not an option or part of the budget, try to create a natural pot with the tree stump. Dig out the stump to create a hollow. Fill the hollow with garden soil and plant it with different ferns to form an out of the ordinary planter. However, making a tree stump to a natural pot is not a permanent solution. The ferns should be dug out again after a few years and replace it with new ones.

If trees are loved, they should be well taken care of so that they remain healthy and have a long life. There’s no need to know how to kill a tree if one knows how to keep a tree alive and disease-free.

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