How to Make my Hardwood Floors Shine?

Article : How to Make my Hardwood Floors Shine?

How To Clean Hardwood Floors
It is for a fact that hardwood floor augment the price of a house. House with hardwood floors are easily sold for many buyers prefer it than carpeted house. However, hardwood floors require double care than ordinary floors because it can easily get damaged and scratched. It is essential to take care of the floor to prevent it from buckling, squeaking, and getting scratched. In the succeeding paragraphs, you will be given tips on how to handle hardwood floors.

Microscopic dusts can cause the hardwood floor to get scratched hence, sweep the floor with soft bristled broom at least twice in a day. Use dry soft cloth in removing spilled food on the floor. Bear in mind that using water should be avoided when cleaning hardwood floors to avoid warping and buckling of the floor.

To protect the floor from scratches, have soft rugs in all traffic places of your home like the doors and the floor near the kitchen’s sink. To avoid mud on the floor, put rugs and floor mats on all entry points of the house. Always vacuum the rug to remove dust particles from it. You can also apply the custom of most oriental countries of taking shoes off when entering the house.

Part of the care for hardwood floor is avoiding it getting scratched. Therefore, if you have pet dogs inside the house, make sure to clip their claws to make it short and prevent them from scratching the floor. Make it a habit to carry or lift things around the house like toys and furniture that has to be moved. If the furniture is heavy, protect your floor from scratch by wrapping the furniture’s legs with thick socks.

Wood can buckle and warp due to humidity. Thus, it is important that you have humidifier especially during winter. If your house is located in a place where it is humid in summer, you must also have dehumidifier.

Seal and wax are sometimes part of the maintenance of hardwood floor. Therefore, you must contact your supplier to know how it can be done properly. There are also wood floors that make sanding it down possible when it’s damaged or gets old. Such floors has to be sanded, refinished, sealed and afterwards, waxed to make it beautiful again.

More buyers are willing to buy houses with hardwood floors that is why you have to care for yours to avoid it from getting damaged. Hardwood floors makes a house look more beautiful and floors like these also last for many years. To preserve its beauty, it is essential to clean and keep it free from scratch.

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