Induction Cookers – Quick and Safe for All the Family

Article : Induction Cookers – Quick and Safe for All the Family

How To Buy Induction Cooker



For security, health, energy, cooking, easy to use and so on and favored by consumers, but many of the appliance


Customers to choose up a difficult position. Induction is a high-power electronics, with each person’s life are closely related, we should buy from a professional quality, safety, price and after-sales service considerations, must be to the formal


Purchase. I have some experience of purchasing the appliance is provided for your reference.

Formal manufacturers have special emphasis on product quality and safety problems. I remind you, the appliance roof texture is very important, magnetic field lines penetrate the roof is fully electric stove, electric stove directly reflected in the heating effect of the pots and pans on. Authorities identified the same appliance industry, suitable for induction cooker roof material, “


“The best. Ceramic cooker made of the roof, heat conduction effect, the magnetic field lines penetrate the full energy and money. Cooker control



Graphic Design

And the use of insulated waterproof material, non-planar design of the appliance control panel used a metal button, could easily lead to water body, affecting the life of the appliance, leading to serious users of electric shock, endangering their lives. So, we bought the appliance, be sure to pay attention to whether the appliance of the roof and the control panel whether ceramic PTC insulated waterproof material, In addition, the control panel is not the graphic design is also crucial.

Observation, according to the author, Luoyang market cooker roof there are two:

A kind of ceramic roof, with white and Color. Appliance industry, the actual work under the roof is divided into three index ceramic roof. A class for the Japanese ceramic roof space NEG, which is the micron crystals, after 45 days, 1500 high temperature firing, a molding, high temperature 1100 , resistance to cold temperature 800 , a strong impact. Because of its texture and structure of close, easy to clean, do not change color, full penetration magnetic field lines, thermal efficiency, so NEG ceramic roof space has been recognized as the industry appliance energy efficiency, clean “ambassador.” B grade white ceramic roof made super, firing cycle of about 7 days, at 500 ~ 600 temperature firing, and then by cooling the temperature of 200


. It is non-time shape, although also white, but susceptible to yellow, color, effect of magnetic field lines penetrate the poor, low thermal efficiency and temperature difference, a serious roof burst will occur, thereby endangering the consumer

Personal safety

. C-level for the domestic color ceramic roof, manufacturing process more simple, once used, a short time would be yellow, color, more times than the B-level roof.

Identify A-, B-or C-level cooker ceramic roof, I have some experience. C-level board one can identify, induction cooker roof printed flowers, grass, insects, fish, mostly C-level board, its yellow, color fast, so manufacturers printed pattern to cover up weaknesses. A Class B Class board and showed the white board though, but it is not difficult elements and learn how. B-class non-Plate forming a burn, be cut, so rough edges and carefully observe and experience hands immediately to get to the bottom; A-level board is an ultra-high temperature firing shape, smooth edge, no cut marks. In addition, the two roof put them together, the finish and translucent degree of respect, B-class board less than a lot of A-panels, and B-level panel on the back of yellowish color, A-level front and back panels the same color. Induction is the kitchen cooker, smoke every day and deal with, A-class white ceramic roof, even if there is dirt above, by proper cleaning can clean as new; B class, C class ceramic roof of the appliance business a long time, if a written undertaking not to use color, can be clean as new, without reducing the thermal efficiency, without compromising personal safety, and is pretty acceptable.

Other is microcrystalline


Roof, was black. Glass roof and B-class domestic grade ceramic roof, as in high temperature, hot and cold temperature resistance, impact resistance, heat conduction effects, magnetic field lines penetrate the area, and A-NEG ceramic roof space is difficult to compare. Its black, not yellow or change color, and the last appliance market has been the mainstream of white ceramic roof for the last two years, black glass-ceramic cooker the appearance of the roof, so that consumers have a fresh feeling, but follow the trend of production of such There are many manufacturers of roof, uneven quality. Roof is made of crystal glass, highly translucent, at present, the industry recognized that the production of glass-ceramic roof, and the relatively stable quality manufacturer, only the “Foot” 1.

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