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Article : High-Tech Home Appliances

Household Electrical Appliances Gradually Take The “high, Large And Comprehensive”
Chinese New Year just completed sale of inventory, almost all household appliances manufacturers have found the same changes: high-tech, large-size and full range of home appliances sales is becoming a market trend.

Technology: a leading high-end Spring Festival this year, with products such as plasma and LCD flat-panel TVs led blossom everywhere in the main city, with its rapid growth to become the largest holiday market bright spot.

In the country the United States, the aggregate amount of sales of flat-panel TVs more than 2.3 million yuan, reached its nine shopping centers from 5.6%% of total sales; in Suning, flat-panel TV sales of its proportion of the total television from last year’s New Year’s jumped to an insignificant This year 20%%; in the trading company electronics, flat panel TVs accounted for Jiefangbei shops and stores television Shapingba proportion of total sales, respectively, 2 / 3 and 1 / 3; in the main city of the weight per appliance stores, sales growth in flat-panel TVs are much higher than CRT TVs and projection TVs.

Spring appliance market trend for high-end not only the traditional characters exclusive television, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines and other high-end product sales also increased significantly. LG refrigerator is a special machine last year’s popular Spring Festival this year is more than 2,500 high-end models greatly blitz. Haier washing machine drum, with automatic transmission, full integration of intelligence or function of washing drying in the share of high-end products, Chinese New Year period increased by 15%% year on year; Haier Washing Machine in more than 2,000 yuan increase in hybrid sales than other products than Jinliang Cheng.

Size: “big” play a leading role
With increasing people’s living space, not just bigger and bigger screen TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air-conditioning capacity is also increasing.

Just last year, 29-inch CRT TV is also popular time, the Spring Festival this year, Changhong, Konka, Skyworth, Panasonic, Samsung and LG and other foreign brands of 42-inch plasma and 32-inch LCD TV has quickly beachhead market. Jiefangbei up to more than 70,000 yuan a 60-inch plasma TV, just one appearance during the Spring Festival were snapped up. Preganglionic introduction of several large-screen flat-panel TV Changhong, even the prototype are removed and sold it, there Jiaoliao Qian consumers waiting for delivery.

Air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and other white products is also a major selling. Gree Air Conditioning Chongqing responsible person, and now the hook combination 1.5P-2P 3P 5P’s Guiji complete even hot, 1P’s hang little cares; with the development of the refrigerator from 2 to 3, double door, LG refrigerators sold products The volume of 175-195 liters last year expanded to the Spring Festival this year, 208-278 l; Haier washing machine in this year’s Chinese New Year products sold ,5-6 kg of models also account for the largest share.

Sales: Full Stream Major appliance stores surrounding secondary and tertiary markets open up, so that the Spring Festival in previous years, consumers rush into the city from the county’s gone, the main city districts and surrounding counties fully enhance the sales of home appliance stores, county by trend is particularly evident. 18 stores in more than half of the distribution market in the county the first to taste the sweetness of electrical re-100: This year the county store sales increase of 100% -150%%% range, well above the main city about an average of 30%% increase.

The other hand, despite the Gome and Suning, trading companies, electrical appliances and heavy 100 New Year sales have increased 30% year%, and a few supermarkets, or that: home appliances market this year will further tend to “non-busy season, low season is not Light. ” Su Ning, general manager of Chongqing designate Enron analysis, before and after the Spring Festival this year, home appliance market is relatively stable, mainly due to the following factors: First, look at statistics from the commerce commission, as the appliance of weak driving force of real estate; Secondly, the soil more foreign holidays and more and more people choose to the Spring Festival travel, Spring source was greatly diverted; Finally, a rational consumer will no longer blindly increasing concentration of consumption, but by the need to choose the right time to really plan to buy.

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