Start Your Home Improvement Now!

Article : Start Your Home Improvement Now!

Home Improvement Starts in the Kitchen

If you’ve been watching Top Chef, No Reservations, or any of the other major cooking shows, your tongue is probably sweating all day long. These professionals cook on some pretty serious equipment in kitchens that most people can only dream of. At least, until now. If you have some spare cash, you can turn your cooking area into a rocking center of cuisine. Here are some of the items you can pick up to get the process started.

Kitchen remodeling should begin with completely remaking the cabinets. After all, if you don’t have anywhere to store ingredients, all those fancy stoves, ovens, and fridges don’t have much use. Think utility before aesthetics, because a kitchen that isn’t user-friendly turns into a nightmare pretty quickly. Do you want an island, or do you prefer a more open space? What kind of cooking set do you own? If you’ve got a ton of pots, pans, and utensils, you’ll likely want a hanging rack to go along with all that cabinetry.

From the cabinets, you can move to the more exciting items, like the stove and oven. You can start your search by deciding whether you want to go gas or electric. Most professionals agree that gas is preferable, as it offers more precise control over temperature and flame distribution, but this may not be available in your home, or you could incur a huge cost to run new lines. How many burners will you need? Professional ranges come with up to eight burners, but you probably won’t need that many, unless you plan on cooking for company very often. Try to find a model that allows you to control oven temperature electronically; you’d be surprised how effective these more precise models are when it comes to baking delicate items like souffles and quiches.

Next move onto the fridge, where you’ll be storing much of your food before you begin cooking. Size is probably the most important thing to consider: how much food do you plan on keeping in there on a weekly basis? Most chefs now agree that “slow” food from local farms is preferable to ingredients stuffed with preservatives, so consider going for a smaller fridge, and trying to keep it stocked with fresher stuff. Another decision comes in choosing between side-to-side and upper-and-lower configurations. Finally, do you want an integrated ice and water dispenser?

The layout of the kitchen itself deserves some attention. Do you do most of your cooking by yourself, or do you enlist others to help? If the answer is the latter, you’ll need more open space to prevent bumping into each other. Try to keep the layout as non-clutter as possible, giving everyone space to handle his or her specific task.

Your new kitchen can be a fun place where people get together to do some serious cooking and serious eating. With careful attention to detail and a bit of inspiration, you’ll have a great space that rivals those spots where the TV pros cook up their delicacies.

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