Landscape Projects – Give Your Backyard a Makeover!

Article : Landscape Projects – Give Your Backyard a Makeover!

Give Your Backyard An Enviable Makeover
When I was growing up, my all-time favorite hangout was my own backyard. It was spacious and grassy, with three big citrus trees near the back fence. But as I grew older, I started realizing that there were few amenities back there to engage the interest of teenagers or adults.

Apparently my parents had the same epiphany because they began to give that big grassy space a classy makeover by the time I was starting high school. Once it was completed, my yard once against became the place to be. If you know your backyard is looking drab, then pay attention as I reveal their secrets and advise you on how to tweak them for your unique space.

The most dramatic thing that my parents did by far was adding the pool. A swimming pool is a huge investment, and the climate of the area in which you leave will certainly influence how worthwhile it is bound to be.

We lived in Phoenix, Arizona, so we were able to reasonably use the pool for about half the year. This led to Memorial Day swim parties, Labor Day barbeques, and more events along those lines with all our family and friends.

Next, they added a deck with a beautiful latticed overhang. This became a nice shady place to do all that barbequing or just sit and sip a favorite drink while watching the children playing in the pool (who were never there without adult supervision, of course).

Add a patio set–including a small dining table and chairs–to your deck, and you can enjoy dinner with your spouse or your whole family in fair weather. Doing so offers a great way to change up your routine and enjoy the fresh air a little more than you would otherwise.

Implementing creative lighting solutions can make your new deck even more inviting. My parents decided to string white Christmas lights both on the latticed roofing and the sides of the patio. Doing this created a soft glow in the area, creating an intimate ambiance, making us feel like we were dining at a restaurant every time we settled onto the deck for an outdoor meal.

Get rid of the ugly chain link fence that marks the boundary of your yard. Consider replacing it with a stone or brick wall that will be more durable and more attractive. If you go for a cinderblock wall, then plant ivy or another creeping plant to add more charm and break up the monotonous grey.

Only you know what will work best for your backyard. So to get more specific advice, visit your local home improvement store or contact a landscaper and professional remodeling company. They can give you the best tips for your specific needs.

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