Create Great Rooms and Gardens

Article : Create Great Rooms and Gardens

Garden Rooms for the Extra Place to Relax

When most people and you may be one them consider a place to relax in an outdoor setting, what generally comes to mind is a gazebo. A decorative lattice work structure or venue where they can sit and enjoy the great outdoors. In fact all too often the last thing they consider is a garden room.


Garden Rooms vs. Gazebos


What they fail to realize and in the end all too often find out the hard way after their gazebo has been built, is that it’s fully exposed to the elements, and only useful on days when the weather is perfect. Evenings in a gazebo are also completely out of the question to, so more often than not a gazebo will sit unused for the most part.


Great for Both Good and bad Weather Days


Garden rooms on the other hand, offer all that a gazebo should be, and then some. The windows and doors on an outbuilding like this can be opened to allow the sunshine and fresh air in if need be, also they can have a front porch built on that can be open-air, or enclosed. Then if the weather isn’t optimal, the doors and windows can simply be closed.


For Overnight Guests


Private outdoor venues like this can also be wired, and plumbed with electricity and running water as well which makes for a fully operational lavatory and kitchen area if a person chooses. For overnight guests, cots, and a refrigerator, and TV can also be brought in for that matter to make your guests even more comfortable.


Perfect for a Garden Office


A separate outdoor building in a garden setting also makes a great area to get important work done, if you find that there are too many distractions in the main house. In fact it’s not at all uncommon for people to convert garden rooms exclusively into office space to operate a home based business out of.


Or Use it for an Art Studio


They also make a great place to set up a table for doing artwork on, like ceramics, or even paper mache because as anyone who has done art work knows all too well, the work has to be done in a secure location. The reason for this is that children in particular are all too often drawn to an unfinished art project and can’t resist sticking their fingers in it.


In Years Past


All along though, over the years though these types of unattached buildings set apart from the main living quarters of a residence tended to be prohibitively expensive. Of course small structures like tool sheds were relatively affordable, but well built standing structures that reflected a higher level of craftsmanship were an entirely different story.


A Complete Package


The good news however; is that all that has changed in the UK, and the U.S. because garden rooms can now be purchased in complete kit form. They arrive as a total package, with all the features that were selected to go with it. They also come with custom craftsman trim work and are made only from premium materials, and hardware components.

Green Studios manufacture and install a range of Garden Rooms made from sustainable materials. The range is ideal for use as a home office or music studio.

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