What Is an Induction Cooker?

Article : What Is an Induction Cooker?

Fireworks Manufacturers In March To See How To Do Kitchen Electricity Market – Induction Cooker,
The occasion of the year is spring, in this fierce market, small kitchen appliances for some of the production of small and medium enterprises, three of them, April is doing? What are they using to build their own brands? How is the expansion of channel development market? Take the appliance products, by 2006 the market in China is how an “attractive cake” from Taiwan’s high-profile brand is entering his wife, and the United States, and Glanz, LG, Yang nine brands such as adding, and Guangdong, Jiangsu Hsi number of private small and medium enterprises involved, indeed, to fire a handful of domestic appliance market. Statistics show that China’s appliance market in 2003 total about 340 million units, 6.8 million units in 2004, 15.5 million units in 2005, more than 22 million units in 2006, shows that the growth rate of the appliance market, how fast.

Good quality small businesses, a new good faith, medium-sized enterprises engage in brand promotion, market layout.

It is a small manufacturer An official said: as in 04,05 years produced Cooker No matter how many people fight to get there, but by 2006 as manufacturers increase production of induction cooker (brand on the market about more than 300, there are hundreds of manufacturers), inventories increased, making small-scale producers have dumped goods, clear stock, seeing seven to eight induction cooker factory near collapse, and even some companies ultimately parts suppliers have defrauded the money and do business should be most honest, can not harm other people seeking their fortune, which is in the Chinese market in recent years cooker reasons why this disorder.

Was talking about pressure cookers, the cooker after the star has developed rapidly, the head of lament to: electric pressure cooker this product is not much difference between peak and off-season, compared with the appliance sales was also higher, but Comparison of annual sales or average, but according to the current situation in this market, from 2007 to 2008 electric pressure cooker product will appear the same as in 2006 the case of the appliance market.

Should be for such a market, as we are growing this business, not with the United States, and Galanz compared to other large companies can only do their products quality and after-sales service and will be developing new products and new market, also began to consider doing selective export, due to export orders will be relatively stable if a number of the company, the volatility of the domestic market will be smaller impact on us. As in three or four months, we will increase some advertising, mainly for some of the regions had not developed, when the dealer intends to talk about cooperation, we will have professionals on-one follow-up, the final to reach a mutually satisfactory result. In addition, this season will also develop some new products, such dealers will do some good, at this stage apart from the production orders to distributors outside, but also forecasts the market, stocking some popular varieties, there are about seven species The most important is to not want to have too much inventory. We also started online trading this one, although new entrants, I believe that through our unremitting efforts in this market will slowly build a belongs to our own network.

Kitchen for those in medium-sized power producers, the most important in this stage to promote the brand, market layout. Zhongshan City Electric Peng Jingli connect the phone after Superman, Pengjing Li introduced to them has now begun advertising in the CCTV, the next is the network layout of the space market, as well as Gome, Suning appliance chain stores such as cooperation, but also a regular seasonal series of new products, achieve on their own with consumers, combined their favorite kitchen appliances.

In this era of meager profit, products become more and more homogeneous, more competitive, the market becomes more mature, customers spending more and more rational, more and more good business to do! Induction cooker, electric pressure cooker series products also need to seek personalized marketing products, and to meet individual needs. Recommended manufacturers launch new products before understanding the real needs of customers, sub-groups, market segments, fine marketing done. Also hope that those small and medium sized cooker, electric pressure cooker manufacturers who do a good job quality, and improve their own brand awareness, research and development of new technologies, not out of the market maturing.

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