Examining the Different Types of Ovens

Article : Examining the Different Types of Ovens

Examining The Different Types Of Cookers
Just as there are many different types of cooks, there are a variety of different cookers. Various shapes, designs and fuel sources offer the consumer a vast selection of cooker models, making the selection process challenging and sometimes confusing.

Think about what type of cooking you normally do and what size of appliance youll need. You may also have a certain brand that you prefer or a colour and style that suits your kitchen. It could take you some time to wade through the selection.

Electric Cookers

Powered by electricity, this type of cooker is the most commonly found in flats and many houses across the U.K. Available in models ranging from standard to deluxe, electric cookers are often more affordable and easy to install. Simply plug this appliance into a dedicated outlet and turn it on. Repairs to electric cookers are also fairly simple as the components are widely available and simple to change.

Many cooks note that electric cookers are difficult to adjust with precision, making some dishes difficult to prepare. They also take a long time to heat up and are dependent on power for operation. Although improvements have been made in the industry, most electric cookers are still inefficient.

Gas Cookers

This type of cooker uses natural gas to form a flame for cooking. Highly sensitive and offering almost instantaneous heat, these cookers are the choice in many restaurants. They need to be lit with a match or lighter and will operate even without power, making them a dependable choice.

One major downside of gas cookers is the potential for danger. If the appliance is mishandled or the connection is faulty, a gas leak can cause enormous damage. Recently an odour has been added to the gas making it more noticeable and as a result, safer to use. Sealed gas cookers offer the function of gas heat with the safety and appearance of electric burners. Other innovations and designs, including ceramic tops, have made this type even more popular.

Dual Fuel Cookers

This appliance offers the best of both worlds and is gaining more market share. Equipped with both gas burners and electric grills, duel fuel cookers provide the ultimate choice and when quality brands are purchased, this type of cooker is highly reliable. All of the cooker types are available at quality retailers. Each manufacturer has a line for each type and the prices vary with the size of cooker and the features included. Research the different models and choose the one that best suits your home.

You can find the best deals on electric cookers and gas cookers online, all from the leading manufacturers on the market.

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