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Article : Back Puffing?

Enjoy Puffing With Electric Cigarettes
Aren’t you tired of sniffing cigarette smoke? That is surely unhealthy isn’t it? Especially to those who do not smoke. Nicotine is the culprit for many diseases in the cardiopulmonary area and can lead to cancer. With electric cigarettes, smokers can enjoy puffing without causing any problem to other people especially non-smokers because it does not produce any smoke.

Made by a Chinese medical practitioner named Hon Lik, electric cigarettes came to life. This is also called as e-cigarette or personal vaporizer. It works by the use of a battery wherein smokers can inhale nicotine but no smoke will come out. Hon Lik made this product in 2003 and since then, it has gained its popularity to many smokers who want to substitute cigarettes, cigars and even pipes. Although the smoke is emitted, it gives similar effect to the real thing.

Aside from the normal cigarettes, cigars or pipes look-alike, there are also electric cigarettes that look like a ball pen. These are not for one-time use only but it can be refilled and even replaced. However these days, manufacturers are making disposable e-cigarettes for consumption. These e-cigarettes are famous and commonly used by many people in the United States and most countries in Europe.

There are basically 3 parts of the electric cigarettes and these are equally important. First is the mouthpiece or is commonly called as the “cartridge” Mostly, the mouthpiece is made up of plastic and it can be thrown away. It has a plastic cup inside wherein the nicotine is placed as well as the liquid flavoring. The basis that the person already finished “smoking” is when the liquid in the cartridge or mouthpiece is already depleted. Then, it can be replaced or filled by another liquid flavoring. At some point, others use an alternative method. Instead of using the mouthpiece, drips of electronic liquid is placed on the atomizer bridge, another part of the e-cigarette.

So that the smoker can feel the heat, the e-cigarette also contains an atomizer or the heating element. This is used in vaporizing the liquid flavoring coming from the mouthpiece once inhaled. This component lasts for one month and it should be replaced to have an effective electric cigarette.

Of course an electric cigarette won’t work if there are no batteries. Usually, e-cigarette uses a lithium-ion which is mostly rechargeable. So when charging the e-cigarettes, car and USB chargers as well as mounting it in the outlet of the wall is acceptable. The battery depends on the environment, the size as well as the type of the cigarette. Also, the frequency of use greatly depends on how the battery life is.

Finally, the there are 2 types of electric cigarette. The first works automatically and it functions when the smoker inhales on the cigarette which detects the sensor to activate the atomizer and then vaporize the liquid solution. On the other hand, the manual electric cigarettes wherein there will be a button pressed to produce the heat.

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