The Elegant Versatile Romantic Bistro Set

Article : The Elegant Versatile Romantic Bistro Set

Elegant And Romantic Feel Of Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings
The simple yet sophisticated lines of marquise diamond engagement rings make them one of the most admired choices for bridal sets as well as for other accented rings and solitaires. Knowing what makes this particular diamond shape individual and how it affects the other characteristics of the gem is crucial for couples choosing a marquise stone.

The typical marquise shape is believed to have originated in 18th century France under the rule of King Louis XIV, when he supposedly commissioned a new shape to mimic his mistresss sultry smile. The resultant narrow oval with tapered, pointed ends was named for that mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. Today, the marquise diamond shape is a classic choice for couples interested in a stunning stone but who dont want the traditional and sometimes predictable round brilliant shape. Because of their stretched out shape, marquise diamonds may also be called boat-shapes or navette diamonds.

Marquise stones are the ideal choice for many couples, including

Brides-to-be with long, slim fingers. The marquise shape accentuates the fingers without obscuring them.
Couples on a budget. Marquise rings are often more reasonable than round counterparts because they can be cut around flaws more simply and the carat size may not be as large for a similar visual appearance.
Couples concerned in bridal set engagement rings. The tapered shape of a marquise is completely suited to additional ring enhancers and accent stones.
Couples interested in a classic shape with a stylish, sophisticated twist. Round stones are the most accepted, but for many couples, that popularity is too predictable.

The most trendy engagement ring design using marquise stone is a bridal set or accented ring. The tapered stones pair mainly well with oval, round, and pear-shaped accents in offset bands where the setting is uneven on each side of the center stone for added visual appeal. Solitaires can also be found, however, and many jewelers present designer styles utilizing the bold and dramatic marquise shape.

The most excellent setting for marquise diamond engagement rings is the classic tiffany or prong setting. Four prongs two per side secure the long body of the gem, while two additional prongs cover the tips to guard against chipping or fracturing. The vast majority of marquise rings are set parallel to the finger, though traditional and vintage designs with the stone placed parallel to the band can also be found.

With slender, delicate elegance accentuated by sharp distinctive tips, marquise diamond engagement rings are a popular style for both traditional and modern designs. By knowing the meticulous characteristics of this fancy shape and how to inspect a quality ring, couples can easily choose an elegant marquise to symbolize the elegance and romance of their union.

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