What Is Dry Powder Carpet Cleaning?

Article : What Is Dry Powder Carpet Cleaning?

Dry Carpet Cleaning
Dry carpet cleaning is a method of rug cleaning that utilizes no moisture or very low moisture (VLM) techniques to remove soil, grit, stains, and allergens from a carpet. At Oriental Rug Care NY, our technicians are specialists who are highly trained in dry carpet cleaning processes. Dry carpet cleaning technologies are proven to be more effective in that they are easier to use, have longer-lasting results, and save more money in the long term than traditional methods. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recognizes only three dry carpet cleaning methods: the dry foam method, the Bonnet method, and the dry powder method.
The Bonnet method is not a strictly dry method of dry carpet cleaning. It features a cleansing agent that is combined with carbonated water. This mixture is applied as a fine mist over the carpet. The carpet is then scrubbed clean with the use of the rotating action of a buffer. All the work of this dry carpet cleaning method is done by the cleaning mixture, where carbonation and cleaners team up to provide excellent dry carpet cleaning results. One drawback of this dry carpet cleaning method is that it does take some time to perform. Also, it is not a deep cleaning dry carpet cleaning method, only reaching the uppermost portion of a rugs fibers. It is ideal as a quick dry carpet cleaning solution for the purpose of maintenance. However, if the rug or carpet is in need of odor or stain removal, or is of any true value (sentimental or otherwise), another dry carpet cleaning method may be a better choice.
Dry Foam
Similar to the scrubbing and shampooing of traditional wet carpet cleaning methods, dry foam does require the use of elbow grease in order to be an effective dry carpet cleaning application. However, dry foam is a dry carpet cleaning method which requires minimum wait time. In fact, the bubbles of the foam often dissipate, making for very little residue leftover. Most dry carpet cleaning machines which utilize dry foam also have a built in vacuum, making clean up of any residual foam a snap. Dry foam is a great dry carpet cleaning option for those needing great results fast!
Dry Powder
The dry powder dry carpet cleaning method is much like the Bonnet dry carpet cleaning method. Here, a dry powder is mixed with a cleansing agent. The solution is applied in an even layer across the carpet, and then worked in with a brush. Dirt and other foreign items are attracted to the powder mixture. Finally, the powder is vacuumed up and the carpet is immediately available for use. Like the Bonnet method, the dry powder dry carpet cleaning method only reaches the top portion of the carpet, making it a great choice of carpet cleaning when companys coming. However, it does not replace the need for periodic deep cleaning, which may utilize wet methods.
The professionals at Oriental Rug Care NY stand ready and able to help you keep your carpet and home looking its very best. We provide state of the art solutions for your home with reliable results you can count on. We offer emergency services as well. No matter what your needs, Oriental Rug Care NY is there to provide professional care to your prized possessions. Nothing is more important than your total satisfaction. Be it a wet or dry carpet cleaning solution, routine maintenance or a major water damage restoration project, youll always win with Oriental Rug Care NY.

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