How To Cash In On Appliance Rebates

Article : How To Cash In On Appliance Rebates

Discover How You Can Use Solar Rebates to Better Our Planet

Due to the increasing need for a change in the fuels and energy sources that we use, there are a variety of solar rebates and incentives available to both commercial and residential users of renewable energies. Many of these are based on the size of the system that is being installed and the state in which one lives. The federal tax credit that was introduced in 2005 through the energy bill has been extended through 2016 for those that are interested in a greener approach to power their life. Most solar systems include solar panels that are made of a group of solar cells that have the ability to collect radiation from the sun and convert it into electric energy.

This process allows for a clean and renewable way for people of the world to power their homes and businesses in a less expensive and more efficient way. To encourage the use of renewable solar power, solar rebates are available in a variety of states. California for instance offers an Expected Performance Based Buy Down (EPBB). This one time upfront payment that is intended to offset the cost of installing a solar system based on the expected performance of the new system. Another incentive offered by California is called the Performance Based Incentives (PBI). This allows for monthly payments based on energy production.

There are a number of state that offer solar rebates and incentives. A few of the states that offer state programs include Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. States that offer local incentives include Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Those that currently offer a combination of the two are California, Oregon, Illinois and Minnesota just to give you an idea of the wide spread push to eventually convert to renewable sources of energy. An Internet search for your state can give you a more complete listing of what might be offered for your area.

The energy concerns are a worldwide issue and need to be addressed at many levels. Individuals that are able to take advantage of these solar rebates are making a great change in the way our world will operate in the future. We all must take a serious look at what we intend to leave our children and grandchildren. If we choose to not be responsible for our actions, and learn from our mistakes, the future generations will surely pay for our carelessness and selfishness.

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