Wood Fence Enemies and How to Combat Them

Article : Wood Fence Enemies and How to Combat Them

Diet Enemies

Everyone has their diet enemies. What are diet enemies, you ask? Diet enemies are those things that get you off track in you dieting journey. They are lurking all around you just waiting to sabotage successful weight loss. Diet Enemies can strike at any time and affect your diet plan.


I know diet enemies exist because I, like most other people have my own diet enemies. The battle against these enemies is as fierce as that waged between the US and Russia in the height of the cold war. Ok, I’m being a little dramatic there, but it is a major struggle.


One of my biggest diet enemies is soda. I am constantly in a battle with soda. If you read my website you will know that soda just isn’t good for you. There is no redeeming characteristic that you get from soda. There are reasons people like soda and why they drink it. Like I said, it is one of my diet enemies and it is hard for me to resist when I want something to drink for a reason. It tastes great to me and when I’m tired it will pep me up. In fact I’m not much of a coffee drinker. I don’t like coffee at all, really. So, what do I drink in the morning? Soda. I could drink up to a 2 liter a day. I realized that wasn’t good for me but the taste and the pep it provided kept me coming back for me. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of sugar, a lot of calories, and unless you’re exercising a couple hours a day a lot of weight you’re going to add. If that’s not an enemy I don’t know what is.


Another of my diet enemies is inactivity. I have a desk job. I am a writer, so I sit at the computer much of the day and type information in without getting up very often. How do you burn calories? Activity. You need to be active to burn calories and if I’m sitting at my desk I am not burning calories. Well, I’m burning calories, but nowhere near what needs to be done to maintain my weight or lose weight. Inactivity is a definite enemy. How do I recitfy that? I get up and move around every hour or more frequently if I can. There are also exercises I can do while sitting at a desk to stay active. I can get out at lunchtime and use half of it to take a walk.


My third enemy is snacking. One of the advantages to working in an office is that I’m not near snacks all day like I am at home. So, I do well with what I eat while I’m at work. Then, when I get home and unless dinner is waiting, the snacks call my name. They’re hard to resist when you’re hungry. So, what do I do for that? I break my lunch up into 2 smaller meals. I have half when it’s my lunchtime and then a couple of hours later I have the rest on my break. Then I can last a little longer when I get home to eat my dinner.


Diet enemies are very damaging to your diet. Try to fight them off. It will benefit you and your weight loss.

I’m an aspiring writer who is using looking to help people while I continue to improve my writing skills. I love writing and expressing myself on paper, or the computer in this forum. If you would like to learn more about taking control of your body, dieting, and healthy weight loss please visit my site to get get started with your healthier lifestyle today.

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