Designing The Perfect Bathroom

Article : Designing The Perfect Bathroom

Designing the Perfect Bedroom

Is your bedroom currently somewhere you want to spend a lot of time? Is it somewhere you disappear of to in order to relax, recline and rest? Or is it somewhere you only go to sleep, and even then grudgingly because it’s such an unpleasant room to be in? If the last option best describes your bedroom, then it’s time for a change.

The bedroom is by far one of the most important rooms in the home. After all, it’s where you sleep – and if you don’t feel completely comfortable and at ease with your surroundings, then the quality of sleep you get each night suffers. That’s why it’s a good idea to change your bedroom into the haven you deserve – so get your designer cap on and start dreaming up a new colour and furniture scheme.

One of the biggest aspects you’ll have to work with is light and space. If your room feels cramped and small, then you should opt for light, pale colours that make it seem larger. Adding mirrors will further enhance the illusion of space and keeping the room bright and airy will definitely help. On top of that, if you furnish the room minimally then there will be more space still – making the room far more pleasant and less cramped to be in.

If you’re still struggling with space, draw attention to the window by adding intricate curtains, a dream catcher or anything that pulls the eye toward it. This will help the room feel less stifled and more freeing. You should also avoid adding rugs instead of carpets, as they can make the room look small.

An important design hint is that you should never design your room in parts. That means don’t buy odd bits and pieces one at a time because you think they might look nice – this will end in a ramshackle room that doesn’t match in the slightest. Instead, think of your room as a single whole, with each element working together. Choose colours that complement one another, furniture that shares a theme and bedding sets that don’t take away from the mood of the room. With everything working together in perfect harmony, it won’t be long before ‘harmonised’ is exactly how you feel while relaxing in your room. That way, you’ll soon find the room of your dreams taking shape – and it’ll be one you’ll love spending time in.

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