Introduction to LCD Monitor Repair

Article : Introduction to LCD Monitor Repair

Dell LCD Monitor Repair ? Cures for 3 Different Dell LCD Monitor Problems

Howdy there! Peace to all of you! Today, I’m going to share a few Dell LCD monitor repair/troubleshooting tips. See yesterday, I had to troubleshoot 3 different Dell LCD monitors. Each had a different problem you know…

The problems are…

(i) Display disruption.

(ii) Vertical line on screen.

(iii) Flashing LED

So if your computer LCD monitor has one or more of these problems, then check out the tips that I’ve provided below. Hopefully, they’ll clear things for you.

And in case you need something clearer, like perhaps, a downloadable repair guide with step-by-step picture instructions, then you may click on this link to open a new window and check it out.

It’s a paid guide with detailed photo instructions on how fix to a wide number of LCD monitor problems. Also, the guide doesn’t just cover Dell LCD monitor repairing methods. In fact, there are repairing tips and strategies for other brands as well.

If you choose to download it, please make sure your printer cartridge is full. It’s over 200 pages long with truckloads of photos so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Okay, I’m going to stop yammering now and give you some troubleshooting tips for the aforementioned problems.

Display disruption…

So you fired up your monitor and you see some kind of disruption/interference on screen. Annoying huh?

A couple of things would normally cause this problem. First one is the filter caps situated in the secondary section of power supply. Another one is the primary section’s large capacitor. So check/test these items and replace if necessary.

Vertical line on screen….

Blame it on faulty LCD panel. That’s right! Bad LCD panel is usually the factor of this problem. There’s very little you can do about it. You can read all the Dell LCD repair manuals in the world, and it won’t make any difference.

There are two options for you: Either you change the whole panel or go to the LCD controller board, and try reflowing the controller ic. See if that works.

Flashing LED

Remove the internal casing of your LCD monitor and then conduct a visual inspection on the inverter board. Busted capacitors and transistors are the typical culprits.

Don’t forget to test the backlights and check the joints in the step up high voltage transformer section.

Bad backlights and dry joints can cause this problem too. If so, replace the backlight and put some new solder on (for dry joints problem). Make sure you have a decent soldering skill. I often practice on a dummy board so I’m pretty good at it!

Why worry when you can complete many Dell LCD monitor repair cases rather easily. With a little bit practice you can all fix sorts of LCD monitor problems by resorting to step-by-step photo instructions.

Download details for photographic instructional manual can be obtained by going to this site

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