How a Refrigerator Works

Article : How a Refrigerator Works

Death Of A Refrigerator

Our old refrigerator suffered multiple forms of discrimination and was found guilty of not “fitting in.” Ultimately, a sentence of hard labor in our garage became its fate. In a few short months, it died.

How did this happen? It all started one day when my wife said, “Honey, I want to show you something in the kitchen.” Apprehensively I arrived in the kitchen, and she started her discourse aimed at demeaning our existing refrigerator. First came, “It’s the wrong color and doesn’t match anything in our kitchen.” Then, “It’s not big enough to hold everything I need it too, especially with all the entertaining we do.” Lastly and with no less derision, she said, “It’s way too old to do the job any longer.”

In a matter of a few minutes, she had discriminated against “Old Harvest Gold” with respect to color, size and age. However, I knew better than to argue. I relented and a new refrigerator became a family household primary and the old one became an outcast in our garage located in the Sonoran Desert. The first few months the garage temperature hovered around 105 degrees. The next few months the temperature cooled to a balmy 95 degrees. The refrigerator’s death was predictable and ultimately final in month number five.

In the garage, we had used “Old Harvest Gold” for storing canned and bottled beverages, extra milk bottles, and other items the new larger refrigerator could not hold. We even used the vegetable drawer to keep our batteries fresh. After the death and subsequent recycle of the old refrigerator, our new refrigerator had to accommodate “Old Harvest Gold’s” contents. Putting that collection in the new frig was a solution my wife did not think was useful.

I went searching in the market place and found some consumer products that offered an easy, space-saving solution to our dilemma. These products were beverage coolers and chillers. Some of these products could accommodate over 100 canned beverages, five 2-liter beverage bottles and even store our favorite wine. I could purchase stand-alone or under-the-counter models in several different sizes. I was lucky to fine one that fit nicely under the counter where my old trash compactor currently existed. I purchased it and easily installed it myself. Dilemma solved-or at least I thought it was.

About a month later, I again heard the plaintive cry from the kitchen, “Honey can you come here please?” This time, her complaint focused on the kitchen’s appearance. She said, “The modern refrigerator is great, but the cabinets and counter tops now look out of date.” She went on to say, “I love the beverage center and since we’re going to remodel the kitchen, can we find a larger built-in model that will hold more cans and wine?”

I sold the smaller beverage center and went back to the store, where I found what “we” wanted. I brought it home for the kitchen remodel contractor to install. I also stopped at the local hardware store to buy some earplugs just in case “Honey” came floating over the airwaves again.

Author: Ron Senn, Vice-president Ideal Wine Coolers, Tucson, Arizona
Ideal Wine Coolers offers a wide selection of products to address your wine and beer cooling needs.

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