Cut Your Bond to Clutter

Article : Cut Your Bond to Clutter

Cut Clutter, Think Clearer

You may not think that the pile of laundry in the closet has any affect on you whatsoever, other than to prompt you that you need clean clothes; but that would be a misconception. Stacks of bills in the home office, shoes piled in the hall closet, disorganized food cabinets; they all have an affect on each member of the family. Getting organized with the help of a Power Shelf at home can help with much more than just making the place look better. Try getting rid of the items left lying around and see if some of these telltale affects disappear.

Clutter = Confusion
That’s right. Clutter not only takes up space on the counter, it takes up space in your brain as well! This doesn’t mean you forget how to cook a pot roast; but it means that true clarity about the decisions you make in life will be lacking. Clearing off the counter and coiling up cords around a handy Power Shelf also helps your mind to become clear. The result is that you have better decision making processes going on.

Clutter Can Cramp Your Social Life
Oftentimes what happens when a home becomes cluttered is that the homeowner stops entertaining. When friends stop by, they may even meet them out on the front porch instead of inviting them in for a cup of coffee. Nobody wants to feel ashamed of their home. Equally, nobody really likes that uncomfortable feeling when a friend comes in and reacts to the stack of magazines taking up an entire kitchen counter. Clear out items that you no longer need, and get organized places like a Power Shelf to store those things that you do. This will lead to a happier and healthier self esteem and social life!

Clutter Saps Your Energy
Having cell phone chargers hanging from the outlets in the kitchen and bedrooms can do more than cause an eyesore; it can literally take your energy. Laundry, however neatly folded and piled, does the same thing. Anytime you enter a room that does not have organization in it, your energy level actually drops. And the more clutter there is in a home, the more this happens. Some people just feel so overwhelmed with the stray items that seem to congregate in a room that they don’t know where to begin. Adding a Power Shelf is a good start.

Knowing the downside to clutter is good to open your eyes. But what good does it really do if you aren’t shown a way out? To get organized and gain energy, clarity and friends, follow Nike’s advice and just do it. Tackle one room at a time. Begin with whatever room you use the most. Don’t think you have to get through the entire house in one day; that would be unrealistic and could undermine your efforts in the long run. A simple thing like adding a Power Shelf in rooms where there are loads of cords can make a huge difference.

Where there are cords for cell phones, chargers, or computers, a storage solution like The Power Shelf can come in super handy. This shelf replaces a standard wall outlet and offers a resting place to whatever item is being charged. This could be anything from a computer to an electric tart warmer for fragrance. Cords can be neatly wrapped around the arm of The Power Shelf, removing the cluttered appearance from kitchen counters and desks.

Another trick that works for busy families is to give each family member a bin or basket. There are many inexpensive options on the market that actually look nice even if left out where they are seen, such as a Power Shelf. If you utilize baskets for storage, during the day, items can be placed in each person’s basket. At the end of the day, there should be a set time when everyone puts away the items in their basket. Why a set time? Because if you don’t organize it this way, items will pile up and the baskets will simply become another source of clutter!

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