Garden Decor – Creating a Basement Garden

Article : Garden Decor – Creating a Basement Garden

Creating Your Own Japanese Water Garden

While some people decorate their gardens just for the mere pleasure of it, there are others who do so based on certain principles or goals. Such is the concept of a Japanese water garden. For the Japanese, there is a certain way of arranging the elements in your garden to create a balancing, harmonizing, and calming effect that will make your garden a soothing and beautiful one at the same time.

There are different elements to be considered when creating this type of garden, and for you to be successful in making one of your own, think about how you will use these elements to be able to create a peaceful balance in your garden.

The first element found in a Japanese water garden is stones. Stones actually stand for land forms such as islands and mountains, and also represent being strong and enduring. Stones should be your first priority when it comes to placing elements in your garden. These are usually arranged in a triangular order in odd-numbered groups. When we say stones, we don’t literally mean actual stones – you can use different types of stone formations to depict this element, such as pebbled walkways and paths, or even sculptures. The choice is completely up to you.

Another element is water. This should be the central part of your garden, portraying purity and encouraging the feeling of peace. As a word of advice, your water elements should naturally blend in and not look artificial – that is to say, it should take on a natural shape or form.

Element number three is the plants. In general, there is no specific rule as to which plants you can or can’t use. You just have to be aware of their life span and growth time when you start choosing them. You can change plants according to season or mood – it is really a matter of preference, but you should make sure that the colors blend well together and not one plant looks a hair out of place.

Another great element to add in is a bridge – this, of course, represents your own journey through life. You can also decide how and where the bridge goes in the vicinity of your garden.

Finally, the last element of your garden is your ornaments. These are simply additional decor used to accessorize your garden and can come in the form of lanterns, religious images, and the like. To prevent your garden from any outside interruptions, add in a fence or pepper the outskirts of your garden with hedge-type plants.

These are the basic elements of a japanese water garden. It is up to the garden’s owner to decide how each of these elements is to be portrayed. You can, of course, jazz up your garden to your liking, so long as it doesn’t stray too far from the original concept.

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