Water Conserving Landscapes

Article : Water Conserving Landscapes

Conserving Water With Long Island Lawn Sprinkler Systems
The name for the amount of water that evaporates from the soil and through the leaves on the plants is evapotranspiration. When you apply this simple concept to landscape irrigation it can save you a lot of money. Without human interaction this kind of controller can adjust the amount of water to your lawn or garden.

Based on the weather conditions, an evapotranspiration controller uses a simple weather sensor in order to adjust the amount of water that is applied to your lawn or garden. These days, everyone wants to achieve the maximum water efficiency with their sprinkler system, an evapotranspiration controller will help you to achieve that goal. However, in order to make sure you achieve maximum efficiency, you need a certified professional to design, install, and, maintain your sprinkler system. During this process you should have them install an evapotranspiration controller for your sprinkler system.

The evapotranspiration controller is being called smart water application technologies by the Irrigation Association. They are also educating the public and irrigation professionals about some sensible promotions and programs for water efficient services and products. The first efficient program is known as Water Sense which is a private, public partnership program that is voluntary and is by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The mission of this agency is to protect the future of our countrys water supply by enhancing and promoting the market for services and products that are more water efficient.

The Water Sense program recommends the following simple methods to save water:

For Landscapes and Lawns: Use trickle irrigation or soaker hoses for shrubs and trees; Make sure sprinklers are set to water plants and grass and that they arent watering the sidewalk or the street, and; Water gardens and lawns during the coolest part of the day when theres less evaporation like in the early morning.

Use Your Appliances Wisely: Replace aging washers with Energy qualified appliances which will use less water; Scrape off dishes prior to loading the dishwasher and dont rinse them, and; Wash only full loads.

Replace Leaky Toilets: Use only models of toilets that are high efficiency and use less than 1.3 gallons for each flush.

Conserve Drinking Water: Try to use water that is left over for other projects like cleaning or watering plants, and; Rather than running the tap water until it is cold, keep cold water in your refrigerator.

In the irrigation industry, there is currently a need for irrigation professionals to become certified in auditing in order to help conserve water. This will provide the irrigation contractor with the knowledge that is required to use the kinds of technology that will save water like moisture sensors and irrigation controllers that are based on the weather and to inform the customer of them.

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