Choosing a Wheelchair Lift

Article : Choosing a Wheelchair Lift

Choosing the right wheelchair lift

A wheelchair lift can make a home or office far more accessible for someone with a physical disability. They drastically improve mobility and the independence they afford the user has a huge impact on confidence and emotional well being.

Putting user benefits to one side, they are also extremely cost effective. A wheelchair lift is a much better option financially speaking than a traditional elevator. They have been designed to operate in a wide variety of environments. Some can be installed permanently, while others are portable and can be used as and when required. Whether you are looking to source something for indoor or outdoor use, for an office or residential setting, there is a disability lift for that purpose.

Lifts eliminate the problems posed by stairways. They allow disabled people to easily and comfortably move up and down stairways. Either straight or curved.

A disability lift has two different ways of operating. They can be used either in electric or hydraulic mode. The hydraulics are there to give the lift additional operating functionality. Electric lifts have batteries. These are designed to give power back up in case of any outage. These models tend to be a little cheaper, are more flexible to operate and easier to install.

Safety in paramount and is the most important consideration when choosing a lift. Look out for features such as emergency alarms and stop buttons and under platform sensors for example.

Of course there are many different types, makes and models of wheelchair. Lifts are designed to accommodate and be compatible with all variations. So whether the wheelchair has a child sized model or a sports chair for example, there will no problem using the lift.

When choosing a lift think carefully about the user or users, their specific needs and requirements and what your budget is. Stick to well known brands from approved dealers who can install and maintain any lift that you buy.

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