Colorado Blue – The Beautiful Blue Nursery Tree

Article : Colorado Blue – The Beautiful Blue Nursery Tree

Blue And Beautiful !
Deep blue oceans, clear skies, white beaches, swimming, sailing and snorkelling; does that sound like a promising family vacation ? Well it sure does, theres all this and a lot more that Panama city beach offers. Florida beckons all vacationers with the promise of a fun- filled, adventurous and exciting holiday. You could fill your days with enthralling activities like parasailing, boat riding, sightseeing, jet skiing and swimming with wild dolphins!

Shell island is the main attraction of this bay county and the best thing about it is that it remains uninhabited and undeveloped giving you a completely natural experience as if you were marooned on an island by yourself. A number of boat cruises and jet ski rental facilities help you make the small trip to the island from the beach city and have your own private exploration .You could also hire the entire boat and ride off by yourself, even amateurs can captain their own boat after a little tutorial from the guides .

Shell island appropriately named, has a vast collection of naturally replenished shells along its beaches, which you could take as souvenirs for family and friends back home! Snorkelling gear and a list of the best snorkelling spots is available at the local stores to help you explore the natural and artificial reefs teeming with sea creatures like sting rays, star fish and a variety of crabs. You could also obtain a license and spend your day fishing !

However what most attracts tourists are the inhabitants of the clear waters around the island the bottle nosed dolphins! These beautiful creatures can be seen around the Shell island, special boat tours with experienced guides help you get as close to the dolphins as possible. Tourists even enjoy swimming with them, although shy they are friendly and are used to being around humans.

This little island between the Gulf of Mexico and St. Andrews bay is one of the best spots on which to spend a wonderful family holiday, there is something for everyone. Get as close to nature as possible and take back a lifetimes worth memories!

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