A Shower Panel Can Transform Your Bathroom

Article : A Shower Panel Can Transform Your Bathroom

Bathroom Shower Panel ? A Modern Bathroom Accessory

Are you tired looking at your just white and dull shower panel that is stealing the charm of bathing? What you need now is the trendy and colorful or patterned shower panels that will change the whole appeal and look of bath interiors. It is not only the color but shape, size and style also matter and there is practically no limit on this as well as the manufacturers are putting efforts of every aspect of this bathroom accessory. You bathroom then will be a lively space and you can actually match the color of walls with the bold shower panels if you want to do so.


Shower panels for bathrooms comes with hand shower as these are for holding the showers and also shower panels have the controls to adjust the water. On normal traditional panel you will get the control for regular run of the mill but in case of modern ones control for the pressure level, steam shower panels, sauna bath etc are also available.

If you are planning to buy something different from white color then check out the ‘W.O.W’ (Why Only White) from TEDA. They have beautiful collection of one of the most coolest and floral shower panels for bathroom. These will definitely are very delightful rather than just serving the purpose. These are actually the graphic shower panels to liven up your space. Shower panels have the different images ranging from floral, human figure to abstract and different shapes.

Colacril’s Linea Creativity is another very beautiful range of modern and trendy shower panels for bathroom. People who love to add sense of fun to bathroom can go for these modern and bold colored bathroom accessories. They have the panel in the shape of lady’s torso that is known as ‘Musa’ and the one having male’s upper half is called ‘Omo’. Then there are other very stylish shower panel like starfish, Stella and Panda that are perfect for your bathroom. Also you can think of this range for decorating your kids’ bathroom.

Parryware also has a big range of modern shower panels that come in white to other colors. Jog, Splash, Silver Strand and Crescent Shower Panel are few to name. As the bath accessories industry is growing so does the features and beauty of shower panels.

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