4 Main Reasons That Call For Bathroom Improvement

Article : 4 Main Reasons That Call For Bathroom Improvement

Bathroom Restoration

Bathroom restoration is one of the most carried out home improvement projects, along with kitchen restoration. The reason for this is that the bathroom (and kitchen) in a home draws a lot of attention and a poorly designed bathroom or one that is so old it cannot be called ‘classic,’ will reduce from the value of your home.

Although bathroom restoration has a tendency to be an expensive project, it can also be viewed as a long term investment because any improvements done to a bathroom will only add to the market value of the home when and if the homeowner does decide to put it on the market.

A bathroom restoration can take many forms and can address several components or features of the bathroom. Before you purchase your first can of paint it is absolutely important that you have a plan of what bathroom restoration you want. The first thing you should do is list out the bathroom fixtures you would like to restore: bathtub, shower, toilet, sinks, lighting, tiling, the whole works. Examine your list and see what needs total replacement and what could do with just a little work. For example, while you might need a new toilet, you might just need to re-glaze your bathtub. When you have a list of what you need to do ready, check your local hardware store for a cost estimate.

You might want to change the design of your old bathroom and pick a fresh theme. To aid you in this, home improvement magazines often carry tons of bathroom renovation photos and ideas that you could easily incorporate depending on your budget.

Also, do not forget to draw up a budget else you are likely to find yourself spending money with no end in sight to the bathroom renovation. In your budget, include the estimates you have gotten from the local hardware store (or from their site online) but do not forget to factor in labor. This will depend on what sort of labor you eventually decide to go with.

Even in a DIY bathroom restoration project, you would still require some form of specialized labor for areas such as the plumbing or electrical work. And if you decide to take down some walls for an expansion of the bathroom size, you would need a qualified and licensed builder. All this would of course depend on the kind of bathroom restoration project you are undertaking. If all you require is surface alterations like a change in the lighting, you might be able to handle the project yourself.

If you are outsourcing the more technical aspects of your bathroom restoration, remember to apply for all relevant permits. This is an important thing to do even before you begin the restoration work so that you do not find yourself stuck half way through your bathroom restoration.

Working with a bathroom restoration company might be more convenient for you and should you decide to do that, you need to factor in what they would cost in your budget. To get a good idea, ask for estimates from a number of bathroom restoration companies and go with the one that offers the best conditions. This is not limited to pricing alone but also has to do with warranties, dependability and their reputation for quality work.

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