1 in 4 Homes in UK Has One – The Average Costs $ 15

Article : 1 in 4 Homes in UK Has One – The Average Costs $ 15

Average Price Of Home Appliances, “51” Or The Bottom Into The Whole Watershed – Home

The second half of this year, after facing the cost of raw material prices rise and factory production cuts led to inventory reduction and other factors, the price of traditional household appliances, or will be this year’s “51” rebound after bottoming out. Factories are expected to this year’s “51” will remain the domestic market growth in appliance sales, but sales will be slightly down year on year.


Industry this week will mark an important year, the consumption point, the reporter yesterday (April 27) from the major home appliance manufacturer was informed that this year’s “51” or will be the year the price of consumer appliances, “watershed.”

High-end ultra-thin LED


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“51” will become the annual “watershed”

“32-inch LCD TV some of the products below 1,999 yuan, 40-inch LCD TV priced at 4000 yuan heavy volume sales of less than 1,000 yuan a massive amount of fixed-frequency air-conditioning market, 2,000 yuan

Inverter air conditioner

The popularity of sales, less than 200 mobile phones, 1,000 yuan less than the 10 million-pixel digital cameras and other products will be in volume quantities. “Press yesterday (April 27) from the home appliance chain channel business was informed, this year’s” 51 “or will be the bottom price of many household appliances.

“51”, the home appliance products, cheap or can no longer maintain.


Published yesterday, the “golden weeks later to show the three industry trends,” pointed out by the financial crisis this year, to air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine mainly electrical products such as life, the traditional home appliances, either upstream or finished products, component manufacturers factory were cut strategy to shrink, mainly oriented to cost control.

Air conditioning, last year in October,


Manpower, Haier, Toshiba, Mitsubishi air conditioning compressor four main production plant on one after another cut, the average monthly yield of all plants from the original 800,000 to 90 million, now reduced to less than 40 million units.

The other hand, in March this year, the international price of copper rising from 26 000 / t up to the current 45,000 / ton. The price of crude oil price of 50 dollars back platform. Raw material prices, air conditioning and ice to wash the cost of traditional home appliances will also increase. Suning expects the trend of traditional home appliances prices bottom out in the “51” in the late.

Retreated to the high-end foreign brands

The past years with “51”, “11” and other important holidays, the brand launched the attack foreign terrorist no longer able to launch this year

Price war

. Tun Li, general manager of the Guangzhou branch of Sony, said Sony this year’s “51” market strategy will “focus on promoting high-end products, and put in ultra-thin LED products.”;


And Sharp also stressed that “51” will be “locked high-end products.”

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo analysis, from a historical point of view, the price of home appliances will be downward trend, but because of air conditioning face “energy efficient doors,”


Business because of financial crisis, unable to launch the “price war” to switch to high-end, the structure of household appliances has changed, “’51’ after the home appliances market, the average price will rise.”

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